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Southwestern University 

University At Maple 
Georgetown, Texas 78626 

Student Life 4 

Administration 16 

Academics 28 

Residence Life 42 

Students 48 


Organizations 78 

Greeks 102 

Intramurals 122 

Sports 130 

Closing 144 



Title Page • 1 



As Southwestern observes 
its 150th anniversary, it is 
appropriate that we not only 
celebrate the University's 
rich heritage of leadership 
and service, but that we also 
contemplate the challenge of 
providing an undergraduate 
experience of unquestioned 
excellence in the 21st cen- 

As we celebrate this 150th 
anniversary, it is important 
that we look ahead to the 
challenges of the 21st cen- 
tury. I believe the greatest 
challenge posed by today's 
diverse, complex world com- 
munity is that of preparing 
individuals for responsible 
global citizenship. 

To develop conscientious 

citizens with a strong global 
perspective, Southwestern 
encourages students to pur- 
sue a broad-based, value- 
centered education during 
the undergraduate years and 
offers opportunities at home 
and abroad to complement 
that experience. 

The frontier of the American 
West was a place of indepen- 
dence — rewarding a sense 
of rugged individualism. 
Global frontiers are places of 
interdependence — calling 
for cooperation and under- 
standing within a highly 
competitive and complex in- 
ternational environment. 
Southwestern is in front 
ranks of those colleges in 
this country seeking to edu- 
cate a new generation of 

leaders. We believe that the 
Southwestern University ex- 
perience provides a common 
core of values which has sus- 
tained past generations 
within the University fam- 
ily, and we are confident it 
has the ability to sustain 
each new generation as it 
deals increasingly with 
change, ambiguity, and diffi- 
cult choices. 

We have all looked forward 
to our Sesquicentennial cele- 
bration, and I hope that it 
has been an occasion for the 
renewal of our efforts to pre- 
pare each new generation for 
leadership in the 21st cen- 
tury. — President Roy B. 
Shilling, Jr. 

ftliuju < 
lllnitcii Blatcs ^ciuitui' 


Phil Ghamm 

75ifmfe£> J&hiicx -$>enuic 

WASHINGTON, O. C. 20510 

August 31, 1989 

September 25, 1989 

Dr. Roy B. Shilling, Jr. 

Southwestern University 
Georgetown, Texas 78627 

Dear Dr. Shilling: 

I would like to join with students, faculty and alumni of 
Southwestern University in the celebration of 150 years of 
dedicated service to the people of Texas. 

The impact that Southwestern University has had on the lives 
of so many is immeasurable. The history of Texas is one of 
pride, courage and determination and these are the same 
qualities that have made Southwestern University such an 
important and vital part of our educational system in Texas. 

I know that the next 150 years will be even more successful 
than the last, and I am delighted to join with you all in 
celebrating this special occasion. Best wishes for your 
celebration and congratulations. 


<zzsZj£M/ff /<-2-^-^^_ 

Southwestern University 
Georgetown, Texas 

Dear Friends : 

It is indeed a pleasure to congratulate as you celebrate your 150th 

Our nation is great because it is rich in opportunity, and the key 
to the future is quality education. For 150 years, Southwestern 
University has provided a professional staff and a vision of 
education rich in ambition and initiative. As a former professor, 
I take a special interest in education, and I commend you for the 
firm educational foundation you have provided for thousands of 

Vour efforts toward educational excellence may be viewed as an 
example to all. Best wishes in your anniversary celebration. It 
is a pleasure to serve as your United States Senator. 

Respectfully yours 



United States Senator 


2 • Opening 


State of Texas 

Office of the Governor 

Austin, Texas 7870I 

August 23, 1989 


!As governor, it is a pleasure to acknowledge the one hundred- 
fiftietfi anniversary of the founding of Southwestern 

This institution has the distinction of Being the first 
university estaS fished in Texas. Sis such, it has flayed a 
pioneering role in higher education in Texas- education is 
very important in our increasingly more complex society, and 
2 am glad to see Southwestern University contributing to the 
development of the future leaders of our state. 

Mrs. Clements joins me in saluting Southwestern University 
and sending our best wishes for the future. 



"William <P. Clements, Jr. 

Congratulations • 3 

4 • Student Life 



Some freshmen show just 
how talented they really 

Division Page • 5 


At Southwestern, Home- 
coming is one of the big 
events of the year. The cele- 
bration includes Sing, com- 
prised of many entertaining 
musical acts, the Homecom- 
ing parade on Saturday 
morning, and distinguished 
alumni who come to partici- 
pate and view the activities. 

University Sing presented 
by the Southwestern Uni- 
versity Student Foundation, 

was a grand success. The 
Residence Life staff took 
first place with "The Com- 
mon Element." Delta Delta 
Delta's "All I Ever Needed 
to Know I Learned in Kin- 
dergarten," and Pi Kappa 
Alpha's "Best of The Beach 
Boys," won second and third 
places respectively. 

Pi Kappa Alpha won first 
place in the parade with 
their "Pike Brigade," in 

their pajamas with 
brushes in hand. 


The class of 1939 was hon- 
ored during this years fes- 
tivities. The entertainer 
Mary Brooks performed on 
Saturday and the volleyball 
team played against St. 
Mary's. No matter if you 
were an alumna or student, 
Homecoming was lots of fun. 

The Residence Life staff 
"flicks their Bics" to the 
wonderful Southwestern 

Delta Omicron sings a play- 
ful song during their eight 
minute act in Sing. 

The entertainer Mary Brooks 
played for the campus on the 
Saturday during Homecom- 

6 • Homecoming 

PiKA John Eagle shows the 
audience a lovely smile as 
well as a feminine pose. 

"Justification for Higher 
Education" was the Tri 
Delt's parade theme. 

The Zeta's take a "Roll 
Through Old S.U." during 
Sing and the parade. 

Joined by her parents for the 
weekend, Judy Allbright en- 
joys the festivities. 

Student Life • 




Southwestern is full of fun 
activities year-long. From 
the day a student moves in 
the residence hall on that 
first day of school their 
freshman year to the day 
they graduate, the campus 
plans entertainment for ev- 
eryone's enjoyment. 
The Union Program Council 
schedules many outstanding 
acts for the campus. From 

Jeff Dunham and Peanut en- 
tertain the freshmen during 
the orientation weekend. 

Grabbing for as much cash as 
possible, Paul Traeger is the 
big money winner. 

Michael Johnson and The 
Killer Bees jam with Chris 

fall to spring, musical per- 
formers such as The Killer 
Bees, Regency, Southern 
Wind, and Barbara Bailey 
Hutchinson played for the 
students. Acts such as Jeff 
Dunham, a puppeteer and 
The Royal Lichtenstein l A 
Ring * Sidewalk Circus en- 
tertained the audience on 
campus. Another fun event 
was Blizzard of Bucks, where 

students had the chance to 
win money in the money ma- 

There is always something 
going on every month out of 
the school year for the enter- 
tainment of the students. 
Southwestern tries to add 
fun to every student's life as 
well as a great education. 

8 • Activities 


Buzz . . . The alarm clock 
rings at 7:00 . . . snooze . . . 
7:10 . . . 7:30 . . . 7:50 and 
you are late for your eight 
o'clock class one more time. 
You run across campus and 
walk in the class with your 
hair sticking to your head 
and sheet marks on your 
face. Pop quiz . . . great! 

The weekdays seem to last 
forever. Between homework, 

"Yuk! I hate homework! 
claims Paige Bonner and 
fanie Maurer. 

classes, and tests the week 
goes on and on. There is 
hope during the weekdays 
however, a student can relax 
and eat some enjoyable food 
in the commons. Then once 
again back to studying. 

Stress usually hits the cam- 
pus about two weeks after 
students arrive for the fall 
semester and ends about two 
weeks into summer vacation. 

Relaxing between classes 
' ex- Vicki Vanderwind and Karen 
Ste- Holloman try to get a few 


From your freshman year 
with Freshman Symposium, 
professors seem to colabor- 
ate and decide to have tests 
and have papers due at the 
busiest times. No matter if 
you know about them you 
put them off until the last 
minute. The weekdays blur 
into one another and all any- 
one can think about is the 

10 • Weekdays 

Tired of studying, Patrick 
Rork heads out of the library 
to take a break. 

Looking a little fatigued, 
Mark Grafton stumbles to 
his dorm room. 

Tests, tests, tests! Freshmen 
Symposium becomes tiring 
after a semester. 

Yum! Christine Caunter real- 
ly looks excited about eating 
in the commons for lunch. 

Looking on while everyone 
finishes their homework, Su- 
zanne Bryant seems thrilled. 

Student Life • 11 



How do you spell relief, 
w.e.e.k.e.n.d.s! That last Fri- 
day class ends and a one- 
hundred pound weight has 
been lifted. For approxia- 
mently forty-eight hours, re- 
laxing, partying, sleeping, 
and almost always rolling is 
on alot of students' minds. 

There is not much to do in 
Georgetown besides cruise 

At the Kappa Sig house, Ke- 
vin McKinney, Joseph Wil- 
son, and Joseph Strickland 

A popular place is the new 
Wal-Mart. Georgetown was 
dull without it. 

Renee Mullins, Laura Bled- 
soe, Melissa Cathcart, and 
Chad Schiffner take it easy. 

the Sonic for some "real" 
food, shop at the ever popu- 
lar, newly-built Wal-Mart, 
and visit those scenic back- 
roads. Some students drive 
to Austin to stroll the mall 
or some other type of fun ac- 
tivity. Some may visit their 
boyfriends or girlfriends at 
other schools or go home for 
some home-cooking and 
someone else to wash their 

clothes. A large majority of 
students hang around at the 
various fraternaty houses 
where there is usually some- 
thing going on, whether 
there is a party scheduled or 

No matter what students do 
for their weekend activities, 
everyone enjoys the break 
from the stressful weekdays. 

12 • Weekends 

With that face, is Lisa Smith 
ready for the weekend or 

Student Life • 13 


There is nothing like the 
Southwestern University ex- 
perience. Your parents say, 
"Adios" on that first day of 
school and you are left to ex- 
perience and discover the 
world on your own. You face 
registration, which is prob- 
ably one of the most compli- 
cated procedures you will 
ever experience. The Fresh- 
man get oriented and the up- 
perclassmen see there old 

Moving in is always fun 
agrees Robert Phillips and 
Stephen Loden. 

pals again. Moving in the 
dorms is quite interesting 
because you finally get to 
meet that mysterious room- 
mate and you get to take 
showers in your community 

Students experience the 
commons - which is an ad- 
venture within itself. Every- 
one gets a mailbox key and if 
you are very lucky you will 

get mail at least once a 
month. Meeting new people 
is always fun. Meeting new 
people of the opposite sex is 
even more fun! 

The college experience is dif- 
ferent and interesting for ev- 
eryone. It can have its ups 
and downs but it is still one 
of the best times in anyone's 

A helpless student pleads 
with Dr. Timothy O'Neill to 
be allowed in his class. 

The thought of the "Fresh"- 
"Men" shown by Lewis Snell 
and Jason Wolf. 


14 • College Life 

Demonstrating their talent 
Renee Young and Jesus 
Frausto concentrate on the 

A friendly reminder in the 
college experience . . . Don't 
take the law for granted. 

Smiling for that ever famous 
I.D. card, Nancy McCorpin 
shows her dimples. 



"I got a package!!!" yells Julie 
Jacobson. Her Mom still 
loves her! 

Student Life • 15 

Student Activities Superwo- 
man Dorita Hatchett and 
Cathy Fuller grin for the 


s i 

f •' 

Chef Bob and his assitant 
can't wait to serve that Ro- 
man Bean Casserole for 

Dr. Leonard Giesecke leads 
the recessional for Matricula- 
tion Convocation. 

' l 

16 • Administration 



President Roy Shilling 
addresses the internation- 
al students. 

Division Page • 11 


Office of the 

Roy Shilling, Jr. 

Office Of The President 

The Director and Assis- 
tant Directors of Resi- 
dence Life. 

Roy B. Shilling, Jr., BA, BD, MS, PhD President 

Francie Schroeder Administrative Assistant 

Norma Shaw Executive Secretary 

Office Of The Dean Of Students 

Roger A. Ballou, BA, MEd, PhD Dean of Students 

Christina Pickard Executive Secretary 

Jane Bost, BA, MS, PhD Director of Personal Counseling 

David Newell, BS, MA Asst. Dir. Residence Life-Greek Advisor 

Jacquelyn Goodman, BS, MS Dir. Career Planning and Placement 

Cheryl Gutman, BA, MA Ass.Dean of Students-Dir. Residence Life 

Sherry Guyton, BSN, RN Dir. of Health Services 

Sharon Hehman Secretary 

Claire Monell Secretary 

Shelia Komorowsky, BA, MEd Asst. Dir. Residence Life 

Farley Snell,AB, MDiv, PhD University Chaplain 

G. Gregory Washington, BA, MA, PhD Dir. Multicultural Affairs 

Dorita Hatchett, BBA Dir. of Student Activities 

Paul Upthegrove, BA Chief of Police 

D. Caraway, E. Klawunn,V. Mahagan, J. Trfftzs Patrol Officers 

Carla Lowry, BS, MA, PhD Athletic Director 

Shirley Miller Athletic Staff Assistant 

Reda Clay, BA, MEd Basketball Coach 

James Mellon, BS, MS Baseball Coach 

Glada Munt, BS, MS Volleyball Coach 

Paul Peak, BA, MS Basketball Coach 

Director of Student Activities, Dorita 



18 • President And Dean Of Students 

The President's right and 
| left hands, Norma and Southwestern's Intercolle- 
Francie. giate Athletic department. 

Sharon Hehman, Jane 
Bost,Sherry Guyton, and 
Jacquelyn Goodman. 

Director of Multicultural 
Affairs Gregory Washing- 
ton and Claire Monell. 

Dean of Students, Roger Chief Paul Upthegrove 
Ballou and secretary and night patrolman 
Chris Pickard. James Trefftzs. 

Patrolman Victor Maha- 
gan and Donald Caraway. 



Administration • 19 

Office of the 

• • • 

Provost and Dean of the 

Faculty assistants Pam- 

Haskell and Faye John- 

Executive Secretaries to 
Provost, Kathryn Buch- 
horn and Dorothy Secor. 

Provost and Dean of the 
Faculty, Michael Ro- 


20 • Provost 

The University's Regis- 
trar office staff. 

The A. Frank Smith, Jr. 
Library Center depart- 
ment staff. 

Institutional Research Di- 
rector William Jones and 
Exec. Sec. Janet Hale. 

The Director of the Mood-Heritage Muse- 
um, Judson Custer. 

Office of the Provost and Dean of the Faculty 

Michael R. Rosenthal, AB, MA, PhD Provost and Dean of Faculty 

Pam Haskell Assist, to Provost and Dean of Faculty 

Faye Johnson Senior Executive Secretary 

Dorothy Secor Executive Secretary 

Kathryn Buchhorn Executive Secretary 


William Jones, BA, BD, PhD Dir. of Institutional Research 

Janet Baxter-Hale Executive Secretary 


Jon Swartz, BA, MA, PhD Assoc.Dean Libraries-Learning Resources 

Norma Assadourian, BA, MSLS Dir. Reference-Special Collections 

John Bigley.BA, MLS Director of Circulation 

Joanna Fountain, BA, MLS, PhD Director of Technical Services 

Deborah Kramer, BA, MLS Acquisitions Librarian 

Therese Olson, BA, MSLS Cataloging Librarian 

Joan Parks, BS, MEd, MSLS Reference Librarian 

Jutta Sharpe, BA Director of Periodical Services 

Katherine Stone Ass.Cataloger/Ass. Archives-Special Collections 

Bobbie Sigala Senior Secretary 

L.Collings/T.Drake/ D.Flummer Senior Clerks.Technical Services 

Susan Eason, BA Senior Clerk, Reference Services 

A. McCullough,BS/H. Seeley/M. Brown,BA Clerks, Periodicals 

Kay Penrod Clerk, Circulation 

Sue Starkey Clerk, Exhibits, Special Collections 


George Brightwell,Jr. BA, MBA Registrar 

Janice Hestor Recorder 

Kathleen Todd Senior Secretary 

Charlotte Taylor, BS Clerk 


Judson Custer, BM, MM, EdB Director 


Administration • 21 


Office of the 


Southwestern's Vice 
President and Associate 
Directors of Admissions. 

Office of the Dean of the School of Fine Arts 

F. Ellsworth Peterson, BM, SMM, MA, PhD Interim Associate Dean 

Doris Proctor Executive Secretary 

Stephen Wolf, BA Technical Director 

Debbie Bean Senior Secretary, Faculty Search 

Office of the Vice President for Admissions 

John Lind, BA, MA Vice President for Admissions 

Emmalee Hubble Executive Secretary 

Barbara Thomas Senior Secretary 

Beverly Turner, BA Senior Secretary 

Karen Purdy Clerk 

Monty Curtis, BA Associate Director 

James Gaeta, BBA Associate Director 

Adrianne Jones, BA Associate Director 

Trudy Mohre, BA Associate Director 

Michael Rossman, BA Associate Director 


Sonje Johnson, BA Associate Director 

Debbie Sanderfer Executive Secretary 

22 • Fine Arts And Admissions 

_*, . ..>•' ' 

Barbara Thomas, Beverly 
Turner, Emmalee Hubble, 
and Karen Purdy of Ad- 

The School of Fine Arts 

Debbie Sanderfer, Execu- 
tive Secretary of Financial 
Aid and Scholarships. 


Administration • 23 

Office of the 

Office of the Vice Presi- 
dent for Development. 

Office of the Vice President for Development 

Richard Eason, BA Vice President for Development 

John Hooker, BA, MA Director of Major Gifts 

Gwendolyn Scott, BA Director of Annual Giving 

Laureen Born, BA, MPA Director of Donor Research 

C. Champion/B. McDonald/J. Robinson, AA Executive Clerks 

Diane Gode Senior Secretary 

Office of the Vice President for University Relations 

Marilyn Molitorisz, BA, MA Vice President for Univ. Relations 

Ann Friou,BA Director of Communications 

Mary Beth Karr, BA, MBA Dir. Alumni and Constituent Relations 

Sharon Turman, BLS Director of University Events 

Dan Yoxall, BA Director of Publications 

Debbie Davis Alumni Office Assistant 

Jan Nowlin Senior Executive Secretary 

Joyce Rosenbusch Supervisor of Alumni Records 

Office of the Vice President for Fiscal Affairs 

Daniel Bryant, BS, MA Vice President for Fiscal Affairs 

Susan Mitchell Senior Executive Secretary 


Richard Anderson, BBA, CPA Comptroller 

Betty Knauth Director of Accounting 

Leona Morris Personnel Assistant 

Jan Puskarich Executive Clerk 

E. Jacobs/W. Minyard/T. Smith/D. Williams Senior Clerks 

Carolyn Fagg Clerk 


Harold Eidson.Jr., BS, MA Dir. Administrative Computer Services 

Robert Radford Operator/Programmer 

Barbara Bielss, AAS Programmer/Analyst 

Pam Craven Executive Clerk 



24 • Development And University Relations And Fiscal Affairs 

The University's Business 


Administration • 25 

The University Commons 
staff that we all know and 

The snack bar is a place to 
relax and escape the Com- 

Those people you love 
when they stuff letters 
into your mailbox. 


26 • Commons, Mail, Bookstore 

The ever-important, staff 
of Plant Operations. 


Administration • 27 

In his favorite chair, 
Leonard Giesecke relaxes 
after class. 

Kathleen Juhl and Glen 
McClish review some de- 
partment notes. 

28 • Academics 



Jan Dawson, Martha Allen, and 
Steven Davidson find some- 
thing to laugh at during regis- 

mm HH 



Division Page • 29 

I he Brown College of Arts and Sciences 
Michael R. Rosenthal, AB, MA, PhD ...... 1989 

Provost and Dean of the Faculty 
Ldward Kendall A 1 lord, BA , PhD . ...... 198.'"> 

A s 3 j. s t a n t I •' r o f e s s o r > ::> f I ■■■' h y s i c a J. E d u c a t :i. o n 
Martha Mitten Allen, BA „ Mr , PhD „ . ....... .1960 

Professor of History, William Car ring ton Pinch Professor 
Nor ma Siviter Assaclour ian , BA ,, MSLS . . » . . ., 198'i 

i r e c to r of Kef e r&n c e an d Spec i a .1. Co 1 .1. e c t 1 on s ! i. b r a r i an w i th 

r a i"i k o f A s s j. s t a n t I ■•' r o tes s o r 
John Edward Big ley, BA , MLS., ...,.„ . .1976 

Director of Circulation with rank of Assistant Professor 
Thomas Scott Blackburn, AB , MA, PhD , .. ., ... 1988 

A s s i s t a i 'i t P r o f e s s o r o f Re J. i g i o n a n d P I' 1 1 I. o s o p i- '\ y 
Maria Bohin, BA , MA ...'.„. .......... . 1968 

J. i"i s 1 r u c t o i" o t : I- o r e i g n L a ri g u a g e <;;> ( p a r t •■■ t 1 1 1 1 e ) 
George A. Bright well , Jr., BA ., MBA. ..... , . „ ly/y 

Registrar; Assistant Professor of Economics arid business 

A d m i n i s t r a 1 i o n (. p a r t •- 1 i m e ) 
Stephanie Leah Brown, BS , PhD . 1 988 

Assistant Professor of biology 
Andras Budinszky, MA ...... „ „„.,... ,,'1987 

Instructor of Mathematics and Computer Science (par t~- time) 
Virginia A. Carwell, BS , MA, PhD . ..... 1968 

Professor and Chair of the Department of English 
Suzanne Charmer, BA , MA, PhD. ..... ....... 1989 

A\rSoc i ate Proiessor oi !■ orsi j'fi I. ansjua^es 
John Barnes Chapman, BS , MS, PhD ........ .. 1966 

Associate l-'i'of e^sor and Chair' of the Pepar tiiient oi Ma the ma tic .:. 

arid Computer Science 
Red a I- . Clay,, BA , MEd . . . . . 1981 

basketball Coach and Assistant Professor of Physical Education 
1< .. Joe Col well, BA , LLB , PhD .... 1970 

bruiessor of Economic;:-: and Business Adminisl rat ion J holder oi 

the Hugh Roy arid Li 1 lie Cull en Chair in Economics 
Nancy R. Crocker, BA , MA ,.1988 

.1. r i s t r u c t o r o t R e 1 i g i o n a r i d I "' h i 1 o s o p h y 
We J. don S. Crowley, BA , MD:i.v,MA, PhD. la /b 

Professor oi History; holder of the Lucy King brown Chair i n 

H i story 
Steven Craig Davidson, BA , MA, PhD. .... ...... 1988 

A s s i s t a n t P r o f e s s o r o f H i s t o r y 
Winston b. Davis, BA , MA, BD , PhD 1988 

Professor of Religion arid Philosophy; holder of the 
Wi 1 son -Craven Chair in Religion 


30 • Faculty 


Jan Carietta Dawson, AB , Mh , PhD. ............. 1377 

Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of History 
John Edward Delaney, BS , MA , PhD. ............. 1*388 

Assistant Professor of Economics and Business Admin istrat ion 
Richard T. Denmark, BA , MS , PhD.. „ 1381 

A s s o c: i a t e P r o f e s s o r o f M a t h e m a t i c s a ri cl C o m p u t e r S c ience 
Philip Donley, BA , MA .................... 1388 

Instructor of Foreign Languages (part-time) 
Harold Damon E id son, Jr., Bo, MA .............. 1372 

D irer: t o r o f C o m p u t e r S e r v :i. c e s wit- h r a n k o 1 A s s i s t a n t I' r o less o r 
Deborah S. Ellis, BA , MA, PhD ..... ..... 1387 

Assistant Professor, of English 
Joe E. Elmore, BA , BD , PhD., ................. 1388 

Vis i t i n g P r o f ess o r o f P hi 1 o s o p h y an d P e i. i g i o n (par t -■ 1- i m e ) 
Michael M . Fabritius, BA , MA, PhD. . 13b'4 

1 n s t r u c t o r o f E c o n o m i c s a n d B u s i n ess A d rn i n i s t r a t i o n 

( par t - t line) 
Joanna Fountain, BA , MLS, PhD 1383 

Director err technical Services with rank of Assistant- 
Prof ess or 
Billie Garrett Pullingim, BA , MLd , PhD .......... .1372 

A s s o c iate P r o f e s s o r o f E d u c a t i o n 
David J. Gaines, BA , MA, PhD. 1384 

A s s i s t a n t P r o f e s s o r o f E n g .1. i s h 
Leonard F. Giesecke, BA , MA, PhD 1 3SS 

Professor and Chair of the Department of Economics and Business 

Admin istrat ion 
Florence C. Gould, BA , MA, PhD ., 1386 

Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Political 

Sc: ience 
Alan M. Hardy, BA , MA 1383 

1 n sti'uc t o r o f P o 1 i t i c a .1. 8 c i e n c e ( p a r t ■ ■ t :i. m e ) 
Jack Thomas Harris, BA , PhD. ................ .1368 

Associate Professor of English 
Hal ford W. Haskell, BA , MA, PhD. .1384 

Assistant Professor of Classics and Chair of the Department of 

F o r e i g n ! ... a n g u a g e s 
Thomas Walter Herbert, Jr., BA , MDiv, PhD. ........ .18/5 

Professor of English 1 ; University Scholar; holder of the Herman 

Brow n C h a i r i n E n g 1 i s h 
Fred R. Hilgeman, BA , PhD 136/ 

Professor of Chemistry; Chair of the Division of Natural and 

A p p lie d S c: i e n c e s 
Dan Craig Milliard, BA , MA, PhD. . . 1874 

Ass o c i a t e P r o f e s s o r , C h a i r o f t h e D e p a r t m e n t o f 8 o c i o ! o g y , a n d 

Chair of the Division of Social Sciences 
William Douglas Hooker, AB , MA, PhD ............ 1361 

P r o f e s s o r o t p s y c h o 1 o g y 
Robert A. Horick, BA , MS, PhD 1383 

C o o r d i n a t o r o f Ac a d e m i <:: C o m p u t i n g w i t h r a n k o f A s s o c i a t e 

Prof esso r 
James W . Hunt, BS , MLd, LdD . 1888 

Faculty • 31 

A s s l s t a n t I-' rotes s o r o f E d u c a t i i ::> n 
Horace Samuel Jacob, BA , LI , BS , I'lLcl „ MS, PhD „..,„..„ 1967 

Associate Professor of Biology 
Sharon Kay Johnson, BR, MEd , PhD ....... „ „ „ .1377 

Associate Professor of Education 
William B ,. Jones, BA , BD , PhD. „ ., „ . . „ .1965 

Director of Institutional Research; Professor of History 
Edward L. Lain, BA , MA, PhD. ...... „ „ . .1.986 

Associate Professor of Sociology 
Deborah Jacqmin Kramer, BA , MLS. „..„„.„. „ . .1985 

Acquisitions Librarian with rank of Assistant Professor 
Edwin M. Lansford, Jr., BA , BA , MA .1962 

P r o f e s s o r o f B i o c h e in j. s t r y 
John J. Let tier, BA , DA ......... ..,..„. 1986 

1 n s t r u c t o r of Hi s t o r y 
Louis H. Lightsey, BA , MA ............ . . . 1986 

instructor of Mathematics and Computer Science (part™ time) 
Car la d'Ls telle Lowry, BS , MA, PhD .1984 

Professor and Chair of the Department of Physical Education; 

Ath let i c Di ret: tor 
Cynthia 8. Mahaindi , BA , MM, MA ....... ^ ...... . .1987 

ins t r u c t o r o f E n g J. i s h 
James L. Ma 1 1 on , BS , MS .....,„„.......„.„„ 19/0 

Baseball Coach and Assistant Professor of Physical Education 
Diana Claire Mc Adams, BA , MA, PhD ............. 1981 

Assistant Professor of Sociology 
Marvin J. McClendon, BA , MA, PhD . 1989 

Assistant Professor of Mathematics arid Computer Science 
Marilyn S. Mel lick, BA , MA .1989 

i n s t r u c t o r o f L n g 1 i s h ( p a r t - 1 1 1 ii e ) 
Joseph Moiitorisz, BA , PhD . .......... .1986 

A s s i s t a n t P r o less o r o f I- o r e i g n L a n g u a g e s 
Robert A. Morgan, BR, MA, PhD . . . - . . 1980 

Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Biology 
tilada Carole Munt, BS , MS . . . . . ......... 19/5 

Volleyball Coach and Assistant Professor of Physical Education 
fciwen Kennedy Neville, Ba , MR, PhD . 19/9 

I ■-' r o f e s s o r o f S o c i o 1 o g y ; h o 1 d e r o f t h e L J. i x a b e t h K o o t P a d e n 

Ch a i r i n So c i o 1 ogy 
William O'Brien, BS , PhD 1986 

Assist- a n t P r o f e s s o r o f P h y s J. c s 
Therese L. Olson, BA , MSL8 ................. .1989 

Cataloguer (part -time) with rank of Assistant Professor 
Timothy J. O'Neill, BR, MA, PhD ........... 1987 

Associate Professor o i Political S< n-nco and holder ot the 

' I o wer-Hes t e r C h a i r i n P o 1 1 1 1 c a 1 8 c i e n c e 
Joan 6. Parks, BS , MEd , MLS ........... 1986 

K eference L i b r aria n wit- h r a n k o f Ass :i. s t a n 1 I- •■' r o less o r 
Paul D. Peak, WA , MS .................... .1978 

Basketball Coach and Assistant Professor of Physical Education 
Elaine M. Phillips, BA , MS .1985 

1 r i s f i" u c t o r o f |- o reign L_. a n g u a g e s 

32 • Faculty 

fela Iter ii - Potter, BA , MA , PhD - . . 1.388 

A S S i '..I L .1. <rl t t. Pl'O T CfSSO V O't Mi:?, t h t?l"ilct t- 1 CS cil'ld L O i'l i p U t fc:° P '. .: i'.' .1 S I I (.. t ;■ ',-. holCIS 

of the Lord Chair in Computer ycisncs 
Jesse Ewing Purdy , BS , MS, PhD . . .„....,.«„ ,,1978 

i-isbu! late r'i'uieViur arni ■-.. h ■■.■ ■ .i. r of the LhPj.en'* tinen'i of P sycho iofijy 
Bulriar H. Rawj i , US, PhD . „ . , irteb 

A s s :i. s t- a r 1 t P p o T e s s o p o f C '■ i e m i s t p y 
Robert C. Keinehr, BA , MA, PhD . . , * 

1-4 s s l P.- ■ ''.'. ■ -■ 1 1" i l.- Ppo i essOP OT ! :> ./ r I ti.\d. i. > s - ;y 
liary Hardirs Ri enter, BA , MS, PhD ............ 

Assoc i a i-e Proi' e" psp«p or Ma 'the mat it v and \ ompuLppi' .-'>..- ienco 
Soni a Riquel me T • MA ,, PhD . .. ,. » . 

ftsbistdnt P.po f elisor o t I ore; pn I. pnsua; p. : s 

i. yy .l 

,, 1977 

Kenneth D. Roberts, B 

>M ., II OH .; I'll 

!•■■• -i » 

., 1931 

Associate Professor of i:£conori's.i cs and Business A dm in is t rat ion 
Robert C. Roeder , BS , MS, PhD . „ „ . 1.983 

Pi'ol KbSor and Phai p ol the Pep -< r i m i i \ 01 Pnyai* s , ho b "Jer -'if the 

Robert Sherman Laznby Chair in Physics 

John Nelson Russe.1. .!. Score, Ii, BA , S\j , PhD .1955 

!■■■■ i i Hi-'V' ;if i he Bishop Seth 


roi'Ki^or 01 Pel - pi. iifi end Philosophy » huiopr o 
W a p d I - ' p o T e s s o v s n i p i 1 1 R e 1 1 s i o n 
Fred Evans Sellers, BA , MBA, PhD „ ............ . 1 93 V 

i-VssoL ,1, at e P ro f es : ,rii'.'ip of bp on-emi 1 ■ ; hipi Business nom 1 n j ■■: 1 ppo ion 
Iherese N. She 1 ton, BS , Mo , PhD . . . , . . 1987 

i4s s 1 st an T- Processor o? fiaines'iat • . •.; • -ira:! L ■ PiTipi ■! ! er ! ; c 1 ent .e 
William Nick Sikes., BS , MNS , PhD .„....»..„. 1974 

i-issol .1 a is Professor -find <■ iiaxp of the Dopa.p truon t ijf Pdui'. at -ion 
Willi a iri R. Smith, BR, MBA, PhD . 1938 

Assistant Professor of Economics and Business Administration 
Farley W. Sneil, AB , MDiv,, PhD ., ...... » .19/2 


'i 1 »/eps :i. !. y Lri-ipia in ,, !■ ; ui e-' ; .- .or hi-ic! ' 1 1 : ? 1 r i.rt Un- uvv-pa v U'!'u- v ri f 01 

Re 1 1 g 1 o n a n d I -' h 1 1 o s o p h y 
Susan S. So, AB , MA,, PhD . .. .»..-...,. 1986 

Ass ,1, ?: tant Prof essor of i;., nf;! ish 
Robert L. Soul en, BA , PhD .. .. ., - - „ .. 1964 

I - ' ro 1 e - sli p and ' hair oi the ij^Dap'tiVient 01 C'hemi .Vatry , hoidt?r of 

t h e I.... 1 1 1 1 an N e I s on Pratt Chair i n S c :i. e n c e 
Norman Woods; Spell man, Bn , BD , l' : 'i"il..) . . . . .'i960 

i"' po i tjasci r 1...1 1 !\t 1 1 '■: .1. 01 1 :p 1 j Pi : 1 .!. 1 :. : -'.'j 1! 1 v , '■ Pi-air o"? the uiv.i. p iphi 01 

Human 1 1 ies 
Suk-soori Suh , B^ , MA, PhD ., .. . . L967 

I- v o f ; e s s o r o i : P o .!. i 1 1 c a 1 S c 1 e n c e 
yon David Swartz, BR,, MA, PhD . . . . L9/8 


Jean toy 

a. r : e s a n d L e a p n i n h ) ' e s o u p 

1 po i e P" ,op 

!::: cl pi c a t i o ri a r 1 d I -' s y c h o .1 
J o eel yn i om k 1 n , BA , DP : 'h i 1 

i j i::: i_ 

1 n s t r u c t o r o f ; P h y s ::. c s ( j ::> a r t - time ) 
Jerome L. Valentine, BA , PhD . . , .1338 

HSSOC idtS i "'PO'f P-P . OT I::, t i > I'l ' . 1IY1 .1. ; '■■ af'M'J i PJ: Pi I' T '. - ; :: 'p. f' -"I J. :l tl s i i'l 1 S L fP«pt i i.-'i'i 

and holder of the John Shearn Chair in Business Administpation 

Vicente D. Villa, BA , PhD . . . » 1985 

Professor of Biology 5 holder- 01 the Dish man Chair m Science 

Faculty • 33 

Glen da Leah Warren, BA , MA, I -'hi.) , „ „ 1988 

Ass is tana 1 Professor of foreign Languages 
(j . Gregory Washington, BA , MA, PhD 1986 

Associate Professor of Ke i i g i on and Philosophy, Director of 

Mu 1 1 :i. c: u 1 1 u r a 1 A f ,f a :i. r s 
Thomas M . Wheeler, BLS , MS . „ „ .1989 

Instructor of Math email cs and Computer Science (part-time) 

The S c l"i o o i of I ■■•' i ne hi' t s 
I- . Ellsworth Peterson, BM , SMM , MA, PhD . . „ . J. 966 

Interim Associate Dean of the School of Pine Arts 5 Professor of 

Music ; h o I. d e r o f t h e M a r g a p e t H o o t B V s o w n C h a i r :i. n I- 1 n e A p t s ; 

Chair of the I- acuity of the School line Arts 
Virginia Hyde Dupuy , BM , MM •„ 3.384 

V i s 1 1 1 i'i g A r t j. s t 1 1 "i V o i c e (. p a p t - 1 i m e ) 
Vinson Hammond, BM , MM, DMA . „ . . . „ 1988 

A s s i s t a i'i t I ■•■' p o f e s s o i "■ o f I'I l,i s :i. c 
Richard J'. Hossalia, BS , MA, PhD . .1373 

Associate Professor and Chair of the Ds- : par t merit of I hea trt- and 

Commun i cation 
Thomas N. Howe, tin, MA, PhD . . . . 1986 

Assistant Professor of Art History 
Felicia M ., Johnson, BA , MA ........ 1966 

instructor of Music and Special Assistant for Minority Student 

Kathleen M. Juhi, BA , MA, MP A . .......... IS 87 

instructor and Visiting Artist in theatre and Communication 
Nancy McClain, BM , MM .......... . 

Assistant Professor of Music (. par t- time) 
Glen McClish, BA , MA, PhD ....... . . 

A s s i s t a i'i t P r o f ess o r o f the a t r e a n d C o n i m u n :i. c a t j. on 

.rge P. Nelson, BMLd , HMus , DMA 

. IS 84 

„ 198/ 

. 1966 

„ 1987 

„ 1968 

,. 1989 

I -' r o f e s s o r a n d L I'i a i r o t D e p a r t m e n t o f I'I u s :i. c 
Kobin John Schraft, BA , MA, PhD .„„.........., 

Assistant Professor of theatre and Communication 
Raymond Lee Schroeder , BM , MM . „ 

Assistant Professor of Music; Woodwind instruments 
Suzanne Schuiz-Widmar , BMEd , MM .............. 

Assistant Professor of Music (part-time) 
Hsueh-Yung Shen , AB , AM, Dm a ..... .....,., 

A s s i s t a n t P r o f e s si o p o i : I'I u s i c 
Kenneth M. Sheppard, BM , MMbcl , PhD ..„.„._...... 

tt s s o i.: i a t e P r o f e s s o r o f i v l u s i c h >:::l u c a 1 1 o i"i a n d C i'i o r a .1. M u s i c 
Judy Thompson, BS . . ....... 1986 

i nstru c t o r o f D a n c e ( p a r t - t i m e ) 
Victoria star Varner , BS , MA, Ml-A ............ .1989 

A s s i s t a n t I ■■•' r o f e s s o r o f A r t 
Patrick B. Veerkamp, BA , Ma, MkA „ . „ . ... .1988 

Associate Professor and Chair of Department of Art- 
Mary Ann Visser, BAL , Ml- A ........ 1979 

A s s i s t a n t I -' r o f e s s o i s o f A r t ( p <* r I - 1 1 m e ) 


34 • Faculty 

Martha Allen, BA, MA, PhD 
Professor of History 

Thomas Blackburn, AB, MA, PhD 
Assistant Professor of Religion and 

Maria Bohm, BA, MA 
Instructor of Foreign Languages 

Nancy Crocker, BA, MA 

Instructor of Religion and Philosophy 

Weldon Crowley, BA, MDiv, MA, PhD 
Professor of History 

Jan Dawson, AB, MA, PhD 
Associate Professor and Chair of the 
Department of History 


Faculty • 35 

John Delaney, BS, MA, PhD 

Assistant Professor of Economics and 

Business Administration 

David Gaines, BA, MA, PhD 
Assistant Professor of English 

Florence Gould, BA, MA, PhD 

Associate Professor and Chair of the 

Department of Political Science 

Halford Haskell, BA, MA, PhD 

Assistant Professor of Classics and Chair of 

the Department of Foreign Languages 

Fred Hilgeman, BA, PhD 

Professor of Chemistry and Chair of the 

Division of Natural and Applied Sciences 

Dan Hilliard, BA, MA, PhD 

Associate Professor and Chair of the 

Department of Sociology and Chair of the 

Division of Social Sciences 

36 • Faculty 

James Hunt, BS, MEd, EdD 
Assistant Professor of Education 

William Jones, BA, BD, PhD 
Professor of History 

Kathleen Juhl, BA, MA, MFA 

Instructor and Visiting Artist in Theatre and 


Edwin Lansford, BA, MA, PhD 
Professor of Biochemistry 

Louis Lightsey, BA, MA 

Instructor of Mathematics and Computer 


Marvin McClendon, BA, MA, PhD 
Assistant Professor of Mathematics and 
Computer Science 

Faculty • 31 

Glen McClish, BA, MA, PhD 

Assistant Professor of Theatre and 


George Nelson, BMEd, MMus, DMA 

Professor and Chair of the 

Department of Music 

William O'Brien, BS, PhD 
Assistant Professor of Physics 

Elaine Phillips, BA, MA 
Instructor of Foreign Languages 

Gulnar Rawji, BS, PhD 
Assistant Professor of Chemistry 

Gary Richter, BA, MS, PhD 

Associate Professor of Mathematics and 

Computer Science 

38 • Faculty 

Robert Roeder, BS, MS, PhD 

Professor and Chair of the Department and 

Computer Science 

Robin Schraft, BA, MA, PhD 
Assistant Professor of Theatre and 

Raymond Schroeder, BM, MM 
Assistant Professor of Music 

John Score, BA, BD, PhD 

Professor of Religion and Philosophy 

Fred Sellers, BA, MBA, PhD 
Associate Professor of Mathematics and 
Computer Science 

Therese Shelton, BS, MS, PhD 
Assistant Professor of Mathematics and 
Computer Science 

Faculty • 39 

Kenneth Sheppard, BM, MMEd, PhD 

Associate Professor of Music Education 

and Choral Music 

William Sikes, BS, MNS, PhD 

Associate Professor and Chair of 

Department of Education 

William Smith, BA, MBA, PhD 

Assistant Professor of Economics and 

Business Administration 

Farley Snell, AB, MDiv, PhD 

Professor and Chair of Department of 

Religion and Philosophy 

Susan So, AB, MA, PhD 
Assistant Professor of English (part- 

Robert Soulen, BA, PhD 
Professor and Chair of the Department 

of Chemistry 

40 • Faculty 

Norman Spellman, BA, BD, PhD 
Professor of Religion and Philosophy 

Victoria Varner, BS, MA, MFA 
Assistant Professor of Art 

Vicente Villa, BA, PhD 
Professor of Biology 

MaryAnn Visser, BAE, MFA 
Assistant Professor of Art 

Glenda Warren, BA, MA, PhD 
Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages 

Gregory Washington, BA, MA, PhD 
Assistant Professor of Religion and 

Faculty • 41 

These fine young boys are 
taking the bus back to 

As close as the real thing 
Ric Wade and George 
Boudreau will ever get. 

Which one is the puppet? 




42 • Residence Life 


Division Page • 43 

The Resident Assistants and Sopho- 
more Assistants are para-professionals 
of the Student Life Staff and are key 
elements on campus. Throughout the 
year they sponsor various activities for 
the campus, as well as for the communi- 

They have mixers for their halls so that 
students can meet one another. Mem- 
bers invite guest speakers, as well as 
present sessions such as date rape 
awareness, suicide, and AIDS aware- 
ness. There is usually a faculty sleep- 
over and an all campus sleep-over spon- 
sored by the staff. They provide toys for 
the Mary Bailey Center, which cares for 
needy children, and at Thanksgiving, 
they make baskets to give for to needy 
families in the community. During the 
week of Halloween, Residence Life has 
a Halloween Carnival for the campus 
and community in which the proceeds 
benefit the needy. This year the staff 
won the University Sing with "The 
Common Element," which was a musi- 
cal skit about The Commons. 

ry Gutman. She has two Assistant Di- 
rectors, Shelia Komorowski and David 
Newell. Shelia heads the east residence 
halls, McCullough, Mabee, Kurth, 
Sneed Suites, and Laura Kuykendall. 
David is responsible for the west resi- 
dence halls, Herman Brown, Moody 
Shearn, and Ruter. 

The East Residence Halls Assistants in 
Kurth are Georgianne Hewett, first 
floor; Suzanne Stahl, second floor; and 
Carol Garcia, third floor. In Laura Kuy- 
kendall, Mary Ann Humphreys, first 
floor east; Vanessa Davis, first floor 
west; Kelli Bremer, second floor east; 
Martha Atkins, second floor west; Jeni 
Gwinn, third floor east; and Traci As- 
tolfo, third floor west. Mabee RA's are 
Lauren Davis, first floor east; Lee Mer- 
ritt, first floor west; Jaysn Jameson, 
second floor seat; Bobbi Buffington, 
second floor west; Cathy Fuller, third 
floor east; and Aileen Oandasan, third 
floor west. Judy Manriquez is RA in 
McCullough and Lisa Johnston is RA 
in Sneed Suites. 

tants in Kurth are Nisa Sharma, first 
floor; Lisa Smith, second floor; and 
Robin Joynes, third floor. In Laura 
Kuykendall, Tracy Richbourg, second 
floor east; Elizabeth Holland, second 
floor west; Neil Patterson, third floor 
east; and Julie Branch, third floor west. 
In McCullough Sheri Stice is SA. 

West Residence Halls Assistants in 
Herman Brown are Mike Frontz, first 
floor; Saul Laredo, second floor; and 
Shawn Wiltse, third floor. In Moody 
Shearn, Judy Allbright, first floor; 
Marcos Veloz, second floor; Maria 
Pfeiffer, third floor. In Ruter, Scott 
Griscom, first floor; Chip Pierce, second 
floor; and Brent Bledsoe, third floor. 

West Sophomore Assistants in Herman 
Brown are Humberto Saenz and Brian 
Hunt, first floor; Scott Streitman and 
Mark Easterly, second floor. In Ruter, 
Ric Wade and George Boudreau, first 
floor; David Robinson and Jonathan 
McCormick, second floor; and John 
Doenges, third floor. 

The Director of Residence Life is Sher- East Residence Halls Sophomore Assis- 

These studs are west SA's 
Scott Streitman, David Rob- 
inson, and Brian Hunt. 

West RA's are front row: 
Shawn Wiltse, Mike Frontz, 
Chip Pierce and Assist. Dir. 
David Newell. Back Row: 
Brent Bledsoe, Maria 
Pfeiffer, and Judy Allbright. 

44 • Residence Life 


East RA's pictured are back row: Lee 
Merritt, Bobbi Buffington, Geor- 
gianne Hewett, Judy Allbright, Jeni 
Gwinn, and Mary Ann Humphreys. 
Middle row: Assist. Dir. Shelia Ko- 
morowski, Lisa Johnston, Suzanne 
Stahl, Carol Garcia, Lauren Davis, 
Kelli Bremer, and Martha Atkins. 
Front row: Vanessa Davis, Traci As- 
tolfo, Aileen Oandasan, and Cathy 
Fuller. Jaysn Jameson on the floor. 



These beautiful girls are Ju- 
lie Branch and Traci Astolfo. 

Looking cool in their shades 
are Kelli Bremer, Martha At- 
kins, and Jeni Gwinn. 

East SA's are left to right - 
top to bottom: Sheri Stice, 
Robin Joynes, Elizabeth 
Holland, Neil Patterson, Lisa 
Smith, Julie Branch, Tracy 
Richbourg, and Nisa Sharma. 

Residence Life • 45 

Posing as their favorite di- 
etary supplement are Kelli 
Bremer and Carol Garcia. 

The winners of Sing. The 
Residence Life Staff in "The 
Common Element." 

These two lovely beings, Neil 
Patterson and Jeni Gwinn 
are a sight for sore eyes. 

RA Georgianne Hewett helps 
a confused student with pre- 

46 • Residence Life 

"We're Bad!," state Sopho- 
more Assistants Elizabeth 
Holland and Neil Patterson. 

Standing by the dorms, Bri- 
an Hunt and Humberto 
Saenz await their SA duties. 

Showing their gymnastic tal- 
ents are Martha Atkins and 
Kelli Bremer. 

This cutie is Residence Assis- 
tant Suzanne Stahl. 

Residence Life • 41 


48 • Students 

Keeping up with the news 
Doug Dixon reads his pa 

Registration is sooo much 
fun, especially for fresh- 


Division Page • 49 

Lori Allbright 
Kathleen Allen 
Benjamin Austin 
Jan Bailes 
Elem. Ed./Math 

Raphael Baranco 
Julie Bauknight 
Gregg Berretta 
William Branch 

Jennifer Bransom 
Mary Bridger 

Jill Brown 
Joan Bryant 

Laura Budgett 
American Studies 
Abigail Candish 
Political Science 
Kimberly Carter 
Cally Coleman 

Bridget Collins 
Lauren Davis 
Elem. Education 
Nicholas DeLaRosa 
Theatre Arts 
Deanna Devine 

50 • Seniors 

Jorge Diaz 

Sarah Espinoza 

Music Education 
Lisa Flori 

Fine Arts 
Christie Flynn 


Angelica Garcia 

Shannon Gill 

Dinko Gonzalez 

Sharon Graham 

Elem. Education 

Alison Green 

American Studies 
Madeline Guadagnoli 

Elem. Education 
Cherry Guentzel 

Jeni Gwinn 


Dwayne Ham 

Wanda Hermes 

Georgianne Hewett 

Jennifer Holdren 


Karen Holloman 

Michael Hsiao 

Chemistry /Math 
Melissa Hudson 

MaryAnn Humphreys 


Students • 51 

Michael Hurtado 
Magdeline Jaramillo 
Lisa Johnston 
Elem. Education 
Marissa Karstetter 
Pol. Science/Comm. 

Laura Kimball 
Shaun Kretzschmar 
Connie Krueger 
Computer Science 

Saul Laredo 
Elem. Education 

Melinda Lee 
Natalie Lucas 

Stacey Lynch 
Brett McClung 

Elizabeth Meadows 
Music Education 
Daniel Merritt 
Michelle Mielly 
Steve Min 

Anne Moses 

Mallie Moss 
Yvonne Nevils 
Scott Paakkonen 

52 • Seniors 

Susan Palms 

Int'natl Studies 
Nancy Parker 

Ursule Paynes 

Russell Peterson 


Sonja Peterson 

Maria Pfeiffer 

Int'natl Studies 
William Pierce 

Kelly Poarch 


Patrick Portmann 

Comp. Sci. /Business 
Pat Primavera 

Steve Prince 

Pol. Sci. /Chemistry 
Brandon Quarles 


Debbie Rathburn 

Tiina Rattila 

Political Science 
Amy Reif 

David Rex 

Political Science 

Travis Rowell 

Computer Science 
Anthe Safos 

Elem. Education 
Deanna Schneider 

Michael Schwartz 


Students-* 53 

Leigh Shamp 
Economics/Pol. Sci. 
Krystn Sheltrown 
Int'natl Studies 

Ellen Short 
Elem. Education 

Virginia Stanfield 
Elem. Education 
Angela Straface 
Eric Swartz 
Computer Science 

Kelly Tenley 
Robert Thurmond 
Karen Tongberg 

Jacquelyn Traisnel 
Tamra Trimble 
Victoria Vanderwind 
Int'natl Studies 

54 • Seniors 

Valerie Vaughan 
Elem. Education 

Jose Veloz 

Political Science 

Arthur Villemain 
Political Science 

Deborah Volker 

Jeaninne Ward 
Elem. Education 

Kent Willis 

Esther Wong 

Computer Sci./Math 
Caroline Yeoman 


Students • 55 

Lisa Abell, SO 

Amy Agee, FR 
Catherine Aiton, SO 
John Akin, FR 

Judith Albright, JR 
Elem. Education 
Steven Alex, FR 
Erin Allen, JR 
Psychology /Theatre 
Beth Allison, SO 

Peter Allman, SO 

Jill Anderson, SO 
Anthony Apollo, FR 

Judy Archibald, FR 
Political Science 

Jana Aronson, JR 
Elem. Ed./History 
Janie Arwine, FR 
Reena Arya, FR 

Diana Ashe, JR 

Traci Astolfo, JR 
Elem. Education 
Martha Atkins, JR 
Pema Baca, JR 
Int'natl Studies 
Randy Bailey, SO 

Ignacio Barbero, SO 
Pol. Sci. /Economics 
Roxanne Barnes, JR 
Int'natl Studies 
Vickie Bartholomew, JR 
Political Science 
William Barton, JR 

56 • Underclassmen 

Gregory Beard, FR 

Andrew Benton, SO 

Int'natl Studies 
Perla Bermudez, FR 

Vic Biggerstaff, SO 


Nate Blakeslee, JR 

Political Science 
Chessy Blanchard, FR 

Int'natl Studies 
Tammy Bland, JR 

Brent Bledsoe, JR 


Clint Bledsoe, FR 

Laura Bledsoe, FR 

Tanya Bleke, SO 

Rebecca Borjas, JR 

Pol. Sci. /History 

Elizabeth Bossart, FR 

George Boudreau, SO 

Konrad Bouffard, FR 

William Bowman, SO 

Political Science 

Eric Boyt, SO 

Glen Braden, JR 

Tammy Braden, FR 

Julie Branch, SO 


Kelli Bremer, JR 

William Bridges, FR 

Biology /Chemistry 
Jon Brinkley, JR 

Political Science 
Amy Briscoe, SO 


Students • 5' 

Julie Brock, FR 
Pebble Brockette, SO 

Enrique Brockmann, 

Computer Science 
Joseph Browder, SO 

Anna Brown, JR 
Cassandra Brown, FR 
Julie Brown, SO 
Shawn Brown, SO 

Susan Brummett, FR 
Suzanne Bryant, JR 

Christa Buerger, FR 
Noelle Burch, FR 

Scott Burkey, JR 

Susan Busch, JR 
Music Education 
Dorothy Caldwell, SO 
Kris Callahan, SO 
Int'natl Studies 

Melissa Callihan, SO 
Angelyque Campbell, SO 
Comm. /Political Sci. 
James Campbell, JR 
Jeffrey Canon, FR 

Suzanne Capps, SO 
Elem. Ed. /Psychology 
John Carlson, SO 
John Carpenter, JR 

Meghan Carroll, SO 
Special Education 

58 • Underclassmen 

Joe Case, JR 

Chris Casson, SO 

Angelica Castro, FR 

Melissa Cathcart, FR 


Randy Cauley, SO 

American Studies 
Christine Caunter, FR 

Casi Chamberlain, SO 

Chemistry /Math 
Jay Chandler, FR 


Janie Chavarria, FR 

June Chen, JR 

Yaravi Chhith, JR 

Laura Choate, JR 


Ron Chovanec, JR 

Gwenaelle Claiborn, FR 

Cullen Clark, SO 

Arts Administration 
Misty Clay, JR 

Elem. Education 

Bethany Cobb, JR 

John Cogan, FR 

Lynn Cole, JR 

Kevin Considine, FR 


Wayne Consolvo, FR 

Sandra Cook, FR 

Jeff Cookston, SO 

Christina Corovessis, FR 


Students • 59 

Brian Coughlin, SO 
Jennifer Covington, FR 
Computer Science 
Lauren Cox, SO 
Music Education 
Stephanie Cozart, FR 

Andrew Craft, FR 

Kim Crowder, FR 
Jessica Cuevas, FR 
LonAnne Culver, FR 

Jarret Cummings, SO 
Amy Cutrer, JR 
Michelle Dameron, FR 
Elem. Ed./Math 

John Dapper, JR 
Political Science 

Rob Darrah, JR 
Anya Darrow, FR 

Kristen Davis, FR 
Int'natl Studies 
Sean Davis, FR 

Vanessa Davis, JR 
Patrick Dawson, FR 
Cathy Degnan, JR 
Bach-Yen Degollado, JR 

Michael deGuzman, FR 
Stacy Denison, FR 
Jill Dennis, SO 
Christina Diaz, FR 

60 • Underclassmen 


Lily Diaz, FR 

Monica Diaz, FR 

Political Science 
Trisha Dipprey, JR 

Doug Dixon, JR 


Heath Dollar, SO 

Political Science 
Stacie Donnelly, FR 

Tom Donovan, FR 

Julie Doran, FR 


Jennifer Doyle, JR 

Madeline Dunkum, FR 

Polital Sci./Bus. 
Jeff Durbin, FR 

Computer Science 
Robin Dush, JR 

Int'natl Studies 

John Eagle, SO 

Catherine Earles, JR 

Mark Easterly, SO 

Margaret Edges, SO 


Janice Ehlert, JR 

Political Sci./Bus. 
Shannon Elgin, FR 

Kate Eliassen, FR 

Traci Elliott, JR 


Katheryn Ellis, JR 

Michael Ellis, FR 

Political Science 
Rosa Escobar, FR 

Elem. Education 
Michelle Espinosa, SO 


Students • 61 

Kimberly Essary, SO 
Aimee Estep, FR 
Int'natl Studies 
Jud Estes, FR 
Sandra Estrada, SO 

Karen Fairchild, FR 
Int'natl Studies 
Jill Fariss, JR 
Tracy Ferguson, FR 

Kelli Fernandez, FR 

Diane Finley, JR 
Elem. Education 
Deborah Fisher, FR 
Sullivan Fitzgerald,JR 
Rebecca Flader, SO 

David Ford, FR 
Jill Ford, FR 
Int'natl Studies 
Pamela Ford, JR 
Jesus Frausto, FR 

Mike Frontz, JR 

Cathy Fuller, JR 

Mike Fuller, FR 
Ginger Gaines, SO 

Carol Garcia, JR 
Elem. Education 
Leigh Gard, JR 
Child Study 
Michael Gardner, JR 

Political Science 
Deborah Gasser, FR 
Computer Science 

62 • Underclassmen 

Faith Gay, FR 

Carrie George, FR 

Monroe Giese, SO 

Leslie Goldsmith, SO 


Kimberly Goldsmith, FR 

Caroline Gonzalez, FR 

Elise Gonzalez, JR 

Alison Goolsby, FR 


Lewis Goss, JR 


' eather Goynes, SO 

Int'natl Studies 
' inny Graham, SO 

Karen Gratke, JR 

Elem. Education 

Brenda Gray, FR 
effery Greathouse, 

arah Greenwood, JR 
Clark Gregg, SO 
Int'natl Studies 

ulie Greig, FR 

icott Griscom, JR 

Political Science 
iina Gunn, SO 

Elem. Education 
vlina Gunther, JR 


Ann Guy, JR 

Int'natl Business 
Brent Hall, JR 

Alan Hamilton, FR 

Dahrl Hankins, FR 


Students • 63 

Heather Hart, FR 

Rob Hawkins, FR 
Carter Hay, FR 
Tina Hebert, JR 
Computer Science 

Wendy Helburn, JR 

Jennifer Heller, FR 

Karen Helmers, SO 
Janet Henderson, JR 

Catherine Hendren, JR 

Political Sci./Span. 
Jennifer HenricksonFR 

Elem. Education 
Beth Herttenberger,SO 
Susan Hiebert, SO 

Craig Hobbs, FR 
Music Education 
Matthew Hogan, FR 
Int'natl Studies 
Elizabeth Holland, SO 
Int'natl Studies 
Meme Holland, SO 

Kelli Holloway, SO 
Melissa Holt, SO 

Shelby Holt, JR 
Heather Honig, SO 

Julie Horton, FR 
Kristen Howell, SO 

Karen Hrdlicka, SO 
Jennifer Hritz, SO 

64 • Underclassmen 

Rachel Hughes, SO 

Amanda Hunt, FR 

Laurie Husmann, JR 

Laura Hutto, FR 

Pol. Sci./Econ. 

Paula Jackson, SO 

Lisa Jacob, FR 

Julie Jacobson, FR 

Kenda Jameson, SO 


Angela John, SO 

Andrea Johnson, FR 

Erica Johnson, FR 

Kristi Johnson, FR 


Carolyn Jones, JR 

Jill Jones, JR 

Int'natl Studies 
Lori Jones, JR 

Lori Jordan, FR 


Robin Joynes, SO 

Claire Judkins, SO 

Int'natl Studies 
Kevin Kalisky, JR 

Staci Kasper, FR 

Biology /Psych. 

Barbara Kearley, FR 

Allison Kearney, JR 

Elem. Education 
Gay Keilman, JR 

Sandra Kendell, FR 


Students • 65 

Nancy Kent, FR 
Child Study 
Christine Kettle, FR 
Political Science 
Whitney Kinslow, FR 
Mark Kolber, FR 

John Kotarski, SO 
Political Science 
Gary Kretzschmar, SO 
Jeff Kryszewski, FR 
Pol. Sci. /Economics 
Darien Kubik, FR 

Alayne Kulvicki, FR 
Melissa Kwan, JR 
Elem. Education 

Chris Ladd, SO 
Political Science 

Maria Lade, JR 
Elem. Education 

Gator Lane, SO 
Dayna Laster, JR 

Kyla Lawson, SO 
Denise Lee, SO 

Seon Lee, SO 
Felicia Leonard, JR 
Int'natl Studies 
Stephanie Lesko, FR 
Monica Letts, JR 
Int'natl Studies 

Dorothy Light, SO 
Audrey Lim, FR 
John Limroth, FR 

Robert Linhart, JR 

66 • Underclassmen 

Clinton Lively, JR. 

Ellen Lock, FR 

Pamela Lohec, SO 

Kimberly Long, SO 

Elem. Education 

Jennifer Lott, FR 

Patricia Loughran, JR 

Madison Lowry, FR 

Biology /Chemistry 
Laura Ludwig, JR 


Gustavo Luna, JR 

Tom Macaluso, FR 

Tom Mahaffey, SO 

Brigid Malek, JR 


Erin Manning, FR 

Caroline Manton, SO 

Kristi Martin, FR 

Theresa Martin, FR 


Alina Masferrer, SO 

Erica Mathre, FR 

Child Study 
Christopher Maurer, 


Melissa Maurer, JR 


Stefanie Maurer, SO 

Elem. Education 
Chip May, SO 

Thomas Mayo, SO 

Erik McConathy, SO 

Computer, Sci./Math 

Students • 67 

Nancy McCorpin, FR 

Lynne McCreary, JR 
Alison McKay, SO 
Steven McKay, SO 
Computer Science 

Kevin McKinney, SO 
Scott McNinch, FR 
Jason McWhirter, FR 
Stephen Mendenhall, FR 
Music Education 

Karen Meyer, JR 

Alexis Milam, SO 

Andy Miller, FR 
Heather Miller, FR 

Jill Miller, SO 
Marsha Miller, SO 

Jerri Minshew, JR 
Elem. Education 
Michelle Mitchell, FR 

Emmelina Mojica, FR 

Stephanie Molnar, SO 
Mary Monell, FR 
Political Science 
Liz Monkus, SO 

Cassandra Moore, SO 
Maria Moore, SO 

Mike Moran, FR 
Gavin Morgan, JR 

68 • Underclassmen 

Jane Morris, SO 

Int'natl Studies 
Sharyl Morris, FR 

Computer Science 
Maria Morrison, FR 

Chana Moses, FR 

Int'natl Studies 

Sheralyn Mott, JR 

Elisabeth Mueller, FR 

Int'natl Studies 
Craig Mundhenk, SO 

Stephanie Murff, JR 

Int'natl Studies 

Paula Murphy, FR 

Comm. /Business 
Michelle Murray, FR 

Art Administration 
Angel Nabors, SO 

Int'natl Studies 
Mizu Namikawa, SO 


Matthew Nartz, FR 

Maryanne Navickas, JR 

Lana Neal, SO 

Dora Nemeth, FR 


Huong-Trinh Nguyen, FR 

Tuan Nguyen, FR 

Viet Nguyen, SO 

Tivy Nobles, JR 


Brett Norbraten, FR 

Political Science 
Gay Normand, SO 

Cynthia Offutt, FR 

Julie O'Kuma, SO 

Int'natl Studies 

Students • 69 

Kristine Olsta, SO 
Steve Otillar, SO 
Int'natl Pol/Bus. 

Laurie Ott, SO 
Xochitl Paredes, JR 
Art Administration 

Jamie Pasley, FR 
Eric Patterson, JR 

Neil Patterson, SO 
Int'natl Studies 
Barry Patton, SO 
Computer Science 

John Patton, JR 
Samara Paysse, JR 
Michael Peck, SO 
Political Science 
Nicole Peffer, FR 

Elisabeth Perkins, SO 
Alyssa Perz, FR 
Laura Phillips, FR 
Elem. Education 
Robert Phillips, FR 
Music Education 

Angela Pinson, SO 
William Piotrowski, FR 
Beth Pittman, SO 
Christi Piatt, SO 
Child Study 

Jonathan Pollei, FR 
Larry Pouttu, FR 
Timothy Prasifka, FR 
Ann Preis, SO 
Business Admin. 

70 • Underclassmen 

Renee Preiss, JR 

Political Science 
Paul Price, JR 

Chemistry /Math 
Penny Prince, JR 

Charles Ramser, SO 


Suzanne Ramsey, FR 

Kim Ratliff, SO 

Juan Reaves, FR 

Becky Redland, FR 


Jeannie Reeh, JR 

Drue Reeves, JR 

Computer Science 
James Reeves, SO 

Margaret Reilly, SO 


Catherine Rivera, SO 

Elem. Education 
Burton Roberts, SO 

David Roberts, FR 

Computer Science 
Sherrin Roberts, FR 


David Robinson, SO 

Political Science 
Eduardo Rodriguez, FR 

James Rodriguez, JR 

Veronica Rogers, SO 


Sandra Romero, JR 

Patrick Rork, SO 

Greg Rosner, FR 

Laura Runyen, JR 

Biology /Chemistry 

Students • 71 

Shelley Reese, SO 
Humberto Saenz, SO 
Pol. Sci. /Business 
Allen Salerno, FR 

Joey Sanchez, SO 

Catherine Sanders, FR 
Political Science 
Rachel Sandifer,SO 

Cara Sandstrum, JR 
Music Education 
Sossy Sarikhanian,JR 
Int'ntl Stud./Span. 

Gregory Schepens, FR 
Karen Schulze, JR 
Christine Schwall, SO 
Terri Shanahan, JR 
Elem. Education 

Helen Sharkey, FR 
Steve Sharp, FR 
Tracie Shelton, JR 
Katie Shull, SO 

Kelly Sigler, SO 
Rosemary Silva, FR 
Jeremy Sim-Po-Liang,SO 
Jason Simmons, SO 

Kayla Simons, SO 
Elem. Education 
Michael Sims, SO 
Spencer Skelley, SO 

Pol. Sci. /History 

Michael Smalley, JR 

Political Science 

72 • Underclassmen 

Cynthia Smith, JR 

Kevin Smith, SO 

Lisa Smith, SO 

Melissa Smith, JR 


Scott Smith, SO 

Timothy Smith, JR 

Terry Smith, JR 

Pol. Sci. /Economics 
Lewis Snell, FR 


Julie Snider, FR 

Margaret Soderholtz SO 

LeeAnn Sommer, JR 

Social Stud. Comp. 
Angela Sparks, SO 


Jason Steed, JR 

Kate Stephens, SO 

Todd Stephens, SO 

Ellen Stewart, FR 

Political Science 

Sheri Stice, SO 

Wendy Streza, SO 

Michael Sullivan, JR 

Kristin Sumpter, FR 


Stephanie Swafford, FR 

Luke Swift, FR 

Lori Tackett, JR 

Kana Takenaka, SO 



Andrew Talk, SO 
Carolyn Talus, FR 
Molly Tarkington, JR 
Music Education/Psy. 

Paul Tatum, FR 
Dionne Thomas, FR 
Scott Thomas, SO 

Karmen Thompson, JR 
Tasha Thorp, FR 
Anita Tiff, FR 
Biology /Comp.Sci. 

Eric Timm, FR 
Int'natl Studies 
Melissa Torres, SO 
Robert Towle, JR 

Paul Traeger, JR 
Business Admin. 

Hang Tran, SO 
Pol. Sci. /Business 

Huyen Tran, FR 
Elem. Ed./Music 

Loan Tran, SO 
Lolita Trevino, FR 

Laura Urquidi, JR 

74 • Underclassmen 

LauraLee Utz, FR 

Mariano Va, FR 

Political Science 
Philip VanBeek, FR 


Cass VanWinkle, SO 
Architectural Studies 

Claudia Villanueva, FR 

Christina Villarreal, SO 
Pol. Sci./Comm. 

Dana Wagner, SO 

John Wallace, FR 

Michael Wang, SO 

Int'natl Stud./Eco. 

Mindi Weaver, FR 

Robin Weinburgh, FR 

Deanna Welch, JR 

Child Study 

Duana Welch, JR 

Brad Weselman, JR 

Biology /Chemistry 
Michelle Weselman, FR 


Troy West, JR 

Matthew Wheelis, FR 

Kelly Whidbee, SO 


Students • 75 

Lorri White, SO 
Int'natl Studies/Eco. 
Shauna White, FR 
Lara Whitley, JR 

Chris Williams, JR 
American Studies 
Laura Williams, SO 
Elem. Education 
Heather Willoughby, FR 
Child Study 

Laura Wilson, JR 
Art/Arch. Studies 
Damon Withrow, JR 
Political Science 

Jason Wolf, FR 

76 • Underclassmen 

Michael Wolfe, JR 
American Studies 

Xenia Wolff, FR 

Cheri Woodhull, FR 
Political Science 

Scott Woods, FR 

Sarah Yarbrough, FR 

Int'natl Studies 
Renee Young, FR 


Janet Zamecki, SO 

Elizabeth Zavala, FR 


Students • 71 

78 • Organizations 



Christina Corovessis and 
Paul Traeger participate 
in Blizzard of Bucks. 

Division Page • 79 


tions are The 

student publica- 
Megaphone "The 

Southwestern Magazine", and The 
Sou'wester . 

The Megaphone is a student weekly 
newspaper which seeks to present 
announcements of coming events, 
report the news and happenings in 
the different phases of University 
activity, furnish students and teach- 
ers a democratic medium of expres- 
sion on University problems, and 
provide students with an opportuni- 


ty to express their writing talent. 
The 1989-90 staff includes: Steven 
Smith, Editor; Alison Green, Arts 
and Entertainment; Nina Gunther, 
News and Features; Nathan 
McCarty, Cartoonist; Kim Carter, 
Layout Coordinator; Heath Dollar, 
Sports; Shannon Sims, Photogra- 
pher; Janet Zamecki, Ad Manager; 
Cathy Aiton and Stephanie Molnar, 

"The Southwestern Magazine" pro- 
vides a vehicle for the ideas, opin- 

ions, and creative efforts of the total 
University community. It is pub- 
lished annually. The Editor is Sally 
Swartz. Her staff consists of Mary 
Gamel, Xenia Wolff, and Noelle 

The Sou'wester is the Southwestern 
University yearbook. It is a pictorial 
record of the college year including 
extracurricular and academic pur 
suits. The Yearbook Editor fo 
1989-90 is Kelli Alexis Holloway. 

The Megaphone Staff (left to right): Alison Green, Kim Carter, Nathan McCarty, Steven Smith, 
Nina Gunther, Cathy Aiton, and Shannon Sims. 

80 • Publications 

Organizations • 81 


The Mask and Wig Players is the 
Southwestern University drama so- 
ciety. They present theatrical per- 
formances throughout the year. The 
enlightening 1989-90 season con- 
tains "The Miss Firecracker Con- 
test", "Death Of A Salesman", "The 



Best Little Whorehouse In Texas", 
"The Sneeze" and other plays and 
stories. The Advisor for the Mask 
and Wig Players is Richard Hos- 
salla. Officers include: President, 
Kristy Woods; Vice-President, Ni- 
cholas DeLaRosa; and Secretary, 

Nicole Cowan. 
The Company is a University musi 
cal theatre group. They perforr 
publicly at retirement homes an<| 
schools, as well as one campus. Th 
Advisor is Richard Hossalla and th 
Musical Director is Jim Fritzler. 

■-W i 

The Mask and Wig Players (left to right), By pillars: Jona- 
than Pollei and Michael Sullivan. Sitting: Mary Gamel, 
Xenia Wolff, Lynne McCreary, Brian Coughlin, and Rod 
Sanford. Second row: Rebecca Flader, Melissa Miller, 
Wendy Streza, Scott Cox, Kristy Woods, Sabrina Wing- 
field, Melinda Lee, Nicole Cowan, Laurie Delay, Bobby 
Linhart, Erin Allen, and Kristen Martin. Third row: Dee- 
dee Thomas, Heather Hart, Brian Hollis, Stacie Donnelly, 
Katie Hamilton, Cheles Rhynes, Michael Hurtado, and 
John Akin. 

"The Miss Firecracker Contest' 
in the fall. Kristy Woods anc 
Jonathan Pollei star. 

82 • Fine Arts 

The Company (left to right) 
Bottom row: Michael Sulli- 
van, Brian Coughlin, and 
Kristal Reid. Second row: 
Bobby Linhart, Darien Ku- 
bik, Nicholas De-La-Rosa, 
Tracie Shelton, and Roderick 
Sanford. Third row: Stacie 
Donnelly and Amy Blake. 

Sabrina Wingfield, James 
Venhaus, Stacie Donnelly, 
Jonathan Pollei, and Kristy 
Woods in a scene from "Fire- 

Organizations • 83 



The Southwestern Symphonic Band is 
a concert and touring ensemble open to 
all students. The conductor is Dr. 
George E. Nelson. Symphonic Band 
members include: Flute: Judy Albright, 
Dahrl Hankins, Melanie Hotchkiss, Lee 
Soimmer, Anita Tiff; Oboe: Martha At- 
kins and Lana Neall; Basoon: Staci 
Kasper and Angela Sparks; Clarinet: 
Vic Biggerstaff, Christina Corovessis, 
David Ford, Michael Hurtado, Christo- 
pher Maurer, Melissa Maurer, and 
Christi Piatt; Alto Clarient: Sandra Es- 
trada; Bass Clarinet: Sandra Kendell 
and Nancy Nettles; Alto Saxophone: 
Sarah Espinoza and Paul Sorajjal; Ten- 
or Saxophone: Kevin Blouin; Baritone 
Saxophone: Jennifer Francis; Trumpet: 
Bill Barton, Susan Brummett, Craig 
Hobbs, James Smith, Renee Preiss, and 
Donald Todd; French Horn: Charles 
Burchard, Jill Fariss, Mitch King, Rod- 
ney Mayerhoff, Deanna Welborn; 
Trombone; Craig Garrett, Darrell Shed, 
Curtis Trompler, Bo Villemain; Eupho- 
nium: Christina Carter and Craig 
Strickland; Tuba: Bobby Linhart and 
Humberto Saenz; Percussion: Kristin 
Baker, Scott Durkin, Julie Horton, 
Paula Jackson, and Matt Lowry. 

The Southwestern Stage Band is an in- 

The Southwestern Sym- 
phonic Band in concert. 

tegral part of the Symphonic Band pro- 
viding experience in pop and jazz. The 
conductor is Dr. George Nelson. Stage 
Band members include: Saxophones: 
David Streitman, Sarah Espinoza, Ke- 
vin Blouin, Stephanie Swafford, and 
Andy Mullinax; Trumpets: Bill Barton, 
Craig Hobbs, Renee Preiss, and James 
Smith; Trombones: Craig Garrett, Bri- 
an Lieke, Darrell Shed, and Bo Ville- 
main; Rhythm: John Akin, Kristin Ba- 
ker, Dahr Hankins, and Mark Kolber. 

The Southwestern Chamber Orchestra 
is conducted by Dr. Kenneth Sheppard. 
Chamber Orchestra members include: 
First Violin: Laura Young, Teresa Co- 
plen, Winston Davis, Michael Hsiao, 
and Emillie Medlock; Second Violin: 
Rebecca Dotts, Mary Benes, John Dap- 
per, Carolyn Jones, and Rangsee Ka- 
semsuk; Viola: Ann Stutes, Alexis Mi- 
lam, Cassandra Moore, and Doris Pen- 
ich; Cello: Barrett Sills, Linda Davis, 
Kate Eliassen, and Susan Wukasch; 
Bass: Andy Brandenberger; Flute: Me- 
lanie Hotchkiss and Erin Manning; 
Oboe: Lana Neal and Phedra Ross; 
Horn; Gary Richter; Trumpet: Craig 
Hobbs and Bill Barton; Bassoon: Re- 
becca Cheney and Bob Horick; Clar- 
ient: Michael Hurtado and Alayne Kul- 

vicki; Percussion: Scott Durkin, Mat 
Lowry, Julie Horton, and Mary Am 

The University Chorale is an accom 
plished concert choir which tours thi 
state each spring and is open to all stu 
dents through audition. The director i 
Kenneth Sheppard. Chorale member 
include: Amy Blake, Susan Busch, Sta 
cey Sims, Molly Tarkington, Michell 
Weselman, Tanya Bleke, Amy Briscoe 
Maryanne Navickas, Duana Welch 
Cathy Degnan, Erin Allen, Bobby Lin 
hart, Steve Mendenhall, Steve Lodem 
Michael Hurtado, Geoff Carpenter) 
Patrick Martin, Sel Unite, Brad Wesel 
man, Rob Phillips, Brian Coughlin, am) 
David Ford. 

Delta Omicron is an international pro 
fessional music fraternity. The Advi 
sors are Drusilla Huffmaster and Dl| 
Ellsworth Peterson. Executive commit! 
tee includes: Susan Busch, President) 
Maryanne Navickas, First Vice Presii 
dent; Sarah Espinoza, Second Vic 
President; Ann Meadows, Secretary 
Cathy Degnan, Treasurer; Kristal Reid 
Director of Music; Molly Tarkington 
Director of Publicity; Michael Hurtadc 
Historian; and Bobby Linhart, Warder 

84 • Musical Ensembles 

Delta Omicron (left to right), 
Bottom row: Christina Sor- 
ensen, Tanya Bleke, Susan 
Busch, Brad Weselman, 
Jason Geistweidt, Anne 
Meadows, Sharon Meadows, 
and Krista Reid. Second row: 
Molly Tarkington, laurie 
Husmann, Maryanne Na- 
vickas, Cathy Degnan, Amy 
Blake, Cara Sanstrom, Dru- 
silla Huffmaster. 

The Southwestern Stage 
Band in rehearsal. 

The Southwestern Chamber 
Orchestra in concert in the 

Organizations • 85 





Upward Bound promotes an inter- 
denominational Christian student 
fellowship. The group sponsors a 
canned food drive to benefit The 
Caring Place. They also sponsor a 
child through Children's Interna- 
tional and raise money for this pur- 
pose by hosting a volleyball tourna- 

ment for the campus. 

The Student Christian Fellowship 
is an nondenominational organiza- 
tion for Christian students who feel 
the need for something more than 
institutionalized religion. The ex- 
ecutive committee includes Rob 

Darrah, Mary Ann Humphreys, and 
Katie McDowell. 

The Catholic Students Association 
is an organization which encourages 
students of the Catholic faith to 
worship and express their ideals 
with one another. 

Catholic Students Association (left to right) Bottom row: John Delaney, Jane Delaney, Lisa Flori, Mary Humphreys, 
Allison Kearney, Traci Astolfo, Sonia Riquelme, Fred Barrera, and Father Alberto Tijerina. Second row: Brian Hunt, 
Alyssa Perz, Caroline Gonzalez, Christy Flinn, and Cathy Fuller. Third row: Juan Reaves, John Biles, Chip Pierce, Lynne 
McCreary, Kathleen Allen, Magdeline Jaramillo, and Roxanne Barnes. Fourth row: Matthew Prasifka, Michael Hurtado, 
Nicole Cowan, Viet Nguyen, Maria Steinhoff, Phedra Ross, Sel Unite, and Tom Macaluso. 

86 • Religous 

Upward Bound (left to 
right), Sitting: Joe Case, 
Daniel Sweet, and John 
Biles. Second row: Sheryl 
Hardt, Lauren Cox, Sandy 
Kendell, Mindi Weaver, 
Kim Essary, Jennifer Cov- 
ington, Caroline Yeoman, 
Ginny Graham, and Re- 
becca Flader. Third row: 
Chuck Burchard, Jeremy 
Sims, James Smith, Kim 
Baxter, Laurie Husmann, 
Rachel Sandifer, Kate 
Eliassen, Susan Hiebert, 
Kristen Davis, Meme Hol- 
land, Alison McKay, and 
Erik McConathy. 

Student Christian Fellow- 
ship (left to right), Bot- 
tom row: Rob Darrah and 
Mary Ann Humphreys. 
Second row: Jay Chan- 
dler, Mindi Weaver, and 
Brent Bledsoe. 

Organizations • 87 



Young Democrats support Democratic 
candidates in natinal, state, and local 
elections. They also inform the campus 
of the ideals of the Democratic party. 
The President of the group is Christi 

College Republicans is a national orga- 
nization of college students interested 
in active support of and campaigning 
for the party's national, state, and local 
candidates. The President is Laying 


SCOPE (Student Coalition for an Orga- 
nized Peace Effort) is a national organi- 
zation focused on world peace. The 
group works with The Crisis Center and 
Oxfan. The Executive Coimmittee in- 
cludes James Rodriguez, Laura Cordes, 
Laura Wilson, Meri Cunningham, and 
Kris McGowen. 

Student Lobbying Association lobbies 

for students' needs and promotes com- 
munity service and school spirit. The 
executive committee consists of Tracie 
Shelton, Angelyque Campbell, and 
Christi Villarreal. 

The Student Judiciary is the enforce- 
ment organization for the honor code 
and hears allegations of honor code vio- 
lations. The President is Cathy Fuller. 

SCOPE (left to right), Sitting: James Campbell, Christa Buerger, Rosemary Silva, Carrie Johnson, Laura Cordes, Laura Wilson, 
Shannon Geary, and Heather Miller. Second row: Kris McGowen, Christi Villarreal, Xochitl Paredes, Yaravi Chhith, James 
Rodriguez, Kim Crowder, Katherine Ferrey, Bridget Collins, Mary Bridger, Jill Ford, and Duana Welch. Third row: Cammie 
Cunningham, Rebecca Cheney, Jeffrey Iezzi, Earnie McNutt, Matthew Heavner, Samara Paysee, Joseph Strickland, Joyce 
Yarbrough, Tom Mahaffey, Eric Timm and Markus Meza. 

88 • Government/Political 

Student Lobbying Associ- 
ation (left to right), Front 
row: Tracie Shelton, 
Christi Villarreal, Kristen 
Davis, Julie Brock, and 
Loan Tran. Second row: 
Angelyque Campbell, 
Stephanie Swafford, Alex- 
is Milam, Cassandra 
Moore, and Christina 

Student Judiciary, (left to 
right): Gay Normand, 
Joey Sanchez, Patricia 
Loughran, Maria Kruger, 
Dana Hansen, Cathy 
Fuller, Karen Hrdlicka, 
Christy Flinn, Kim 
Carter, Troy West, and 
Jennifer Linton. 



Young Democrats (left to 
right): Neda Oren, James 
Rodriguez, Christi Villar- 
real, Brian Hunt, and 
Markus Meza. 

Organizations • 89 



Alpha Chi is a national undergraduate 
scholarship society. Members are elect- 
ed from among the top ten percent of 
the junior and senior classs. The group 
is responsible for the annual Dean's Re- 
ception. The officers include: Kelly 
Tenley, President; Sharon Graham, 
Vice President; Mary Ann Humphreys, 
Secretary; and Chip Pierce, Treasurer. 

Blue Key is a national honorary leader- 
ship fraternity for men. The officers in- 
clude: Rusty Peterson, President; Joe 
Case, Vice President; Brad Weselman, 
Secretary; and Chip Pierce, Treasurer. 

Cardinal Key is a national honorary 
leadership sorority for women. Officers 
include: President, Vanessa Davis; Vice 
President, Kim Carter; Secretary/Trea- 
surer, Jennifer Bransom. The organiza- 
tion sponsored the Big/Little program 
this year. 

Pi Delta Phi, the national French honor 
society, is open to all persons who meet 
the academic requirements of the soci- 
ety. The advisor is Glenda Warren. The 
1989-90 officers include Maria Pfeiffer, 
President; Nancey Littleton, Vice 
President; Monica Carrera, Treasurer; 

Monica Simon, Public Relations; and 
Ki Prewitt, Historian. The French club 
sponsors a French "Breakfast in Bed" 
in the spring. 

Psi Chi is the national honorary psy- 
chology fraternity. The Executive 
Board includes Mary Ann Humphreys, 
Tamra Trimble, and Amy Schmidt. 

Sigma Delta Pi is the national Spanish 
honor society. The President for the 
1989-90 year is Sossy Sarikhanian and 
the Advisor is Sonia Riquelme. 

Psi Chi (left to right), Bot- 
tom row: Heidi Feigen- 
baum, Jennifer Blume, 
Duana Welch, Traci El- 
liott, Kim Bartkowicz, 
Tamra Trimble, Molly 
Tarkington, and Amy 
Schmidt. Second row: 
Tammy Bland, Mary 
Anne Humphreys, Jess 
Purdy, Robert Reinehr, 
Chad Schiffner, Chip 
Pierce, and Molly McKee. 

Blue Key (left to right), Bot- 
tom row: Brad Weselman, 
Joe Casel, Chip Pierce, and 
Russell Peterson. Second 
row: Patrick Portmann, Mi- 
chael Sullivan, Stuart Col- 
burn, Fred Barrera, and Eric 


90 • Honor 

Alpha Chi (left to right), Bot- 
tom row: Erin Allen, Mary 
Anne Humphreys, Nancy 
Parker, and Kathleen Allen. 
Second row: Laura Runyen, 
Karen Meyer, Kelly Tenley, 
Duana Welch, and Heidi Fei- 
genbaum. Third row: Glen 
Braden, Stuart Colburn, 
Chip Pierce, Erik Larson, 
Cammie Cunningham, and 
Joihn Dapper. 

Sigma Delta Pi (left to right), 
Bottom row: Sossy Sarikhan- 
ian, Cathy Hendren, Christy 
Flinn, and Sonia Riquelme. 
Second row: Monica Letts 
and Alina Masferrer. 

Pi Delta Phi (left to right), 
Bottom row: Maria Pfeiffer, 
Dorothy Wilson, Karen 
Hrdlicka, Monica Carrera, 
and Neil Patterson. Second 
row: Dara Delamere, Barbie 
Rose, and Nancey Littleton. 

Cardinal Key (left to right): 
Bridget Collins, Kim Carter, 
Lauren Davis, Angela Luns- 
ford, Tamra Trimble, Jenni- 
fer Bransom, and Vanessa 

Organizations • 91 



Alpha Kappa Psi is a professional 
fraternity for students in the field of 
business. Officers are Leeanna 
Brunson, President; Stuart Col- 
burn, Vice President of Admission; 
Brandi Powell, Vice President of 
Pledges; Julie West, Treasurer; Jac- 
quelyn Traisnel, Secretary; and De- 
anna Devine, Master of Rituals. 

Southwestern Art Association pro- 
motes interest in the visual arts and 

provides artistic growth for stu- 
dents of the arts. Executive commit- 
tee includes: Lisa Flori, President; 
Laura Wilson, Vice President; Ka- 
ren McLeod, Secretary; and Eliza- 
beth Bartolomeo, Treasurer. 

The Southwestern Computer Club 
is the organization which promotes 
computer literacy and allows those 
who excell in computing to express 
themselves. The Advisor is Walter 

Potter. Officer include: President, 
Eric Schwegler; Treasurer, Juan 
Brockmann; Secretary, Esther 
Wong; Public Relations, Frank Sali- 
nas and Travis Rowell. 

The English Society promotes in- 
terest in the study of the English 
language. The Executive Commit- I 
tee consists of Stephanie Molnar, 
Samara Paysee, Sean Williams, | 
Laura Cordes, and Kelly Tenley. 

Alpha Kappa Psi (left to right), Bottom row: Michelle Neppl, Jacquelyn Traisnel, Beth Cobb, Karen Gott, 
Melissa Maurer, Brandi Powell, Karen Tongberg, Leeanna Brunson, and Heather Kissinger. Second row: Stuart 
Colburn, Patrick Primavera, Troy West, Karen Meyer, Paula Jackson, Glen Braden, Beth Pittman, Michael 
Stone, Deanna Devine, Tivy Nobles, Julie West, and Laura Kimball. Third row: Patrick Portmann, Guillermo 
Cockrum, Mallie Moss, Callie Coleman, Nancy Hageland, and Garret Brandt. 

92 • Academic 

Computer Club (left to right), Bottom row: Walter Potter, Erik McConathy, Anita Tiff, John Wallace, and Barry 
Patton. Second row: Deborah Gasser, Eric Swartz, Joey King, Jennifer Francis, John Biles, and Juan Brockmann. 
Third row: Esther Wong, Eric Schwegler, Tina Hebert, and Travis Rowell. 

English Society (left to right), Bottom row: Mary Bridger, Laura Cordes, Bridget Collins, and Julie 
Wilbur. Second row: Nancy Kent, Allen Salerno, Samara Paysee, Kelly Tenley, Joseph Strickland, 
Julie Bauknight, Jennifer Bransom, and Shawn Brown. 

Organizations • 93 



Southwestern Science Society is an 
organization of advanced students 
who have thirty hours of science 
courses and a 3.0 cumulative grade 
point average. They sponsor a blood 
drive, host seminars, and sponsor 
National Chemistry Week on cam- 
pus. Robert Soulen is the Advisor. 
Officers include: David Love, Presi- 
dent; Dwayne Ham, Vice President; 
Jaysn Jameson, Treasurer; Karen 
Schulze, Secretary; and Lee Merritt, 
Social Chairman. 

Southwestern Political Science So- 
ciety is composed of students and 
faculty who are interested in the 
field of political science. Officers in- 
clude: Jon Brinkley, President; 
John Dapper, Secretary; and Abbi 
Candish, Program Director. 

The Prelaw Association is a group of 
students considering law as a career 
and planning to attend law school 
upon graduation. Officers include: 
Rebecca Borjas, President; Brian 

Hunt, Vice President; and Lisa 
Smith, Secretary-Treasurer. 

The Southwestern University Clas- 
sics Club promotes awareness of the 
Classics on campus. Hal Haskell is 
the Advisor. Officers include: Loan 
Tran, President; Diana Ashe, Vice 
President; Brian Hunt, Treasurer; 
Maria Moore, Activities Chairper- 
son; and Leslie Goldsmith, Officer 


Prelaw Association (left to right) Bottom row: Judy Archibald, Yvonne Ortiz, Cathy 
Hendren, Lisa Smith, and Rebecca Borjas. Second row: Madeline Dunkum, Rosemary 
Silva, Re'ena Arya, Jill Jones, and Laura Budgett. Third row: Florence Gould, Brett 
Norb'raten, Erik Larson, Eric Timm, Mark Grafton, Jarret Cummings, and Brian Hunt. 

94 • Academic 

Science Society (left to 
right), Bottom row: Steve 
Min, Aileen Oandasan, Laura 
Runyen, David Love, and 
Lee Merritt. Second row: 
Eric Patterson, Eric Jensen, 
Robert Soulen, Trisha Dip- 
prey, Gulnar Rawji, Cathy 
Fuller, William O'Brian, and 
Dinko Gonzalez. 

Political Science Society (left 
to right): John Dapper, Abbi 
Candish, and Jon Brinkley. 

Classics Club (left to right): 
Brian Hunt, Maria Moore, 
Leslie Goldsmith, Diana 
Ashe, and Loan Tran. 


Organizations • 95 



Student Foundation is a select 
group of students who are dedicated 
to the advancement of Southwest- 
ern University through involve- 
ment in student recruitment, alum- 
ni activities, and public relations. 
The group sponsors Homecoming, 
Parents/Grandparents Weekend, 
Phonathon, and leadership semi- 
nars. The Advisor is Mary Beth 
Karr. Officers include: David Rex, 
President; Suzanne Stahl, Secre- 
tary; Steering Committee - Brad 
Weselman, Roxanne Barnes, Cathy 
Fuller, Henry Stone, Joe Case, and 

Lorie Kling. 

SHARP (Students Helping the Ad- 
missions Recruitment Process) is an 
organization sponsored by the Ad- 
missions Office. The Coordinators 
are Diana Ashe, Fred Barrera, and 
Sonja Peterson. The Executive 
Committee is Jason Simmons, Neal 
Patterson, and Mike Dizdar. 

The Union Program Council moni- 
tors the affairs of the Student 
Union plus it is responsible for the 
programming of Union activities. 

The organization sponsors th 
Christmas Ball, The Twister Tour 
nament and various comedians an 
musical groups. Karen Gratke is the 
President and Dorita Hatchett is 
the Advisor. 

Operation Achievement lends a 
helping academic hand to seventh 
graders from Georgetown Junior 
High School. The members assist 
the students in different areas of 

Student Foundation (left to right), Bottom row: Cathy Degnan, Karen Gott, Renee Prieiss, Laurie Husmann 
and Janet Zamecki. Second row: Jana Aronson, Rebecca Borjas, Suzanne Stahl, Cathy Fuller, Kends 
Jameson, Kelly Tenley, Joe Case, Sel Unite, Brad Weselman, and Miguel Zorrilla. Third row: Abigail 
Candish, Jaysn Jameson, Lorie Kling, Roxanne Barnes, Jim Grant, Stacey Sims, Cynthia Brink, Henr> 
Stone, Fred Barrera, Randy Cauley, David Rex, and Mary Beth Karr. 

96 • Service 


Operation Acheivement (left to 
right): Jennifer Francis, Monica 
Carrera, Debbie Volkar, James 
Rodriguez, and Pema Baca with 
area seventh graders. 

SHARP Coordinators (left to 
right): Diana Ashe, Fred Bar- 
rera, and Sonja Peterson. 

UPC (left to right), Sitting: Doug Dixon and Rob Darrah. Second row: Kayla Simons, 
Sandra Estrada, Kristen Howell, Laura Heath, Maria Steinhoff, Ellen Short, Karen Gratke, 
and Dorita Hatchett. Third row: Vernonica Rogers, Caroline Gonzalez, Missy Smith, Kim 
Goldsmith, Patricia Loughran, Eric Timm, Gavin Morgan, Patrick Martin, and Amanda 

Organizations • 9" 



SARA (Southwestern Animal 
Rights Advocates) sponsor pro- 
grams and discussions on contem- 
porary animal rights issues. Execu- 
tive Committee is Leanne Robison, 
Rebecca Cheney, James Campbell, 
Tasha Clark, Gwenaelle Claiborn, 
and Samara Paysse. 

OASIS is an organization for stu- 
dents majoring in sociology. The 
Advisors are Dan Hilliard, Gwen 
Neville, Ed Kain, and Claire McA- 

Student National Education Associ- 
ation is a student expression of the 
National Education Association 
which is a professional organization 
for teachers. Officers include: Carol 

Ebony (left to right), Bottom row: 
Deedee Thomas, Angelica Castro, 
and Jo Ford. Second row: Cathy 
Sanders, Julie Branch, Angelyque 
Campbell, Elizabeth Holland, 
Cheles Rhynes, and Ursula Tippit. 
Third row: Eric Timm, Marsha 
Miller, Christina Diaz, Matthew 
Heavner, Veronica Rogers, Christi 
Villarreal, Michelle Espinosa, Tra- 
de Shelton, Gerald Embry, Cas- 
sandra Moore, and Shauna White. 

WIC (left to right), Bottom row: 
Jennifer Holdren, Claire Judkins, 
Jennifer Doyle. Second row: Mar- 
issa Karsetter, Angelyque Camp- 
bell, Joyce Yarbrough, and Jenni- 
fer Hritz. 

Garcia, President; Christi Piatt, 
Vice President; Amy Cutrer, Mem- 
bership; Jill Dennis, Secretary/ 
Treasurer; Karen Gratke and Melis- 
sa Hudson, Programs; and Leigh 
Gard and Traci Astolfo, Publicity. 

Women In Communications is a 
new organization on campus this 
year. WIC is a professional commu- 
nications organization that pro- 
motes advancement of women in all 
forms of communication, works to 
protect the first admendment right 
of communication, recognizes out- 
standing acheivement in communi- 
cations, and ensures quality in all 
areas of the field. 

Hispanic Awareness is an organiza- 

tion designed to provide an under- 
standing of Hispanic culture and ex- 
periences and share these exper- 
iences with the University commu- 
nity. Officers include: James Rodri- 
guez, President; Christi Villarreal, 
Vice President; Xochitl Paredes, 
Secretary; and Annabelle Ibanez, 

The Southwestern International 
Club promotes International aware- 
ness within the campus community. 
Executive Comittee includes: Guil- 
lermo Cockrum, President; Monica 
Letts, Recording Secretary; Angela 
Sparks, Corresponding Secretary; 
Jeremy Sim Po-Liang, Treasurer; 
Dinko Gonzalez, Publicity; and 
Vicki Bartholomew, Social Chair- 

SARA (left to right), Bottom row: Rebec- 
ca Cheney, Mindi Weaver, Rosemary 
Silva, and Stacey Lynch. Second row: 
Monica Letts, Laura Cordes, James 
Campbell, Leanne Robison, and Christa 

98 • Special Interest 

International Club (left to 
right), Bottom row: Re- 
becca Redland, Vicki Bar- 
tholomew, Monica Letts, 
Laura Urquidi, Anna 
Brown, and Audrey Lim. 
Second row: Janice Eh- 
lert, Cynthia Smith, An- 
gela Sparks, Kristen Da- 
vis, Shannon Geary, and 
Jeremy Sim. Third row: 
Rosemary Silva, Pema 
Baca, Esther Wong, Ad- 
woa Aduonum, and Kana 
Takenaka. Fourth row: 
Taylor Goss, Frank Sali- 
nas, Jutta Sharpe, Sandra 
Romero, Deedee Thomas, 
Paul Sorajja, Beth Bos- 
sart, Eduardo Rodriguez, 
Elisabeth Mueller, Guil- 
lermo Cockrum, Monica 
Carrera, Katherine Fer- 
rey, Dinko Gonzalez, Jill 
Ford, and Neda Oren. 

OASIS (left to right): Shan- 
non Gill, Dan Hilliard, Karen 
Holloman, Katie Shull, Lorie 
Kling, Margaret Edges, 
Duana Welch, Gavin Mor- 
gan, Rob Darrah, Gwen Ne- 
ville, Claire McAdams, Pema 
Baca, and Chuck Burchard. 

NEASP (left to right), Bot- 
tom row: Martha Fillmaor, 
Pebble Brockette, and Karen 
Gratke. Second row: Marissa 
Karsetter, Jana Aronson, 
Carol Garcia, Traci Astolfo, 
Amy Cutrer, Stefanie 
Maurer, and Ellen Short. 
Third row: Kathleen Allen, 
Allen Salerno, Melissa Hud- 
son, Nancy Kent, Gina Gunn, 
Jill Dennis, Lauren Davis, 
Leigh Gard, Laura Phillips, 
Madeline Guadagnoli, Kris 
McGowen, and James Hunt. 

Hispanic Awareness (left to 
right), Bottom row: Rosa Es- 
cobar, Claudia Villanueva, 
Laura Urquidi, Shannon 
Geary, and Christina Diaz. 
Second row: Jessica Cuevas, 
Monica Diaz, Lolita Trevino, 
and Monica Carrera. Third 
row: Rosemary Silva, Anna- 
belle Ibanez, Janie Chavar- 
ria, James Rodriguez, and 
Mariano Va. 

Organizations • 99 



The Southwestern Cheerleaders 
promote school spirit throughout 
the year. They represent the athle- 
tic department at varsity games 
away, as well as at home. The Head 
Cheerleader for 1989-90 is Cathy 

Joan Bryant, 
tillo, and Jenn 
enjoy Aerobics 

The Aerobics Club is open to all stu- 
dents who want to join. They meet 
regularly for a complete fitness pro- 
gram full of excercise and relax- 
ation. Debbie Volker is in charge of 
the group. 

Jennifer Cas- 
ifer Morrison 

The Southwestern Cheer 
leaders cheer for the Basket 
ball team. 

100 • Athletic 

The 1989-1990 Southwestern 
Cheerleaders (left to right), 
Sitting: Cathy Fuller. Bot- 
tom row: David Ford, Jane 
Morris, George Armendariz, 
Kenda Jameson, Jennifer 
Henrickson, Katherine Zych, 
and Andy Miller. Second 
row: Michelle Murray, Kelli 
Fernadez, Renee Young, Ju- 
lie Snider, and Sarah Yar- 

Organizations • 101 

102 • Greeks 





The Panhellenic Council is an orga- 
nization governing women's nation- 
al social sororities on campus, asso- 
ciated with National Panhellenic 
Conference. The Interfraternity 
Council is an interfraternity organi- 
zation composed of delgates from 
each chapter, governing men's na- 
tional social fraternities. 
Sherry Gutman is the Panhellenic 
Advisor. Members include: Joan 
Bryant, Dara Delamere, Catherine 
Earles, Meme Holland, Shannon 
Nunnelley, Samara Paysee, Amy 
Schmidt, and Karen Tongberg. 

David Newell is the I.F.C. Advisor. 
Members include: Robert Crangle, 
Moses Fischer, Bohdy Hedgcock, 
Mark Holmes, Ted Hume, Marc Le- 
det, Brett McClung, Jon McCor- 
mick, David Rex, John Santry, An- 
drew Walker, Chris Williams, 

At a Greek Week event, Sherry Gutman and 
Shelia Komorowski look spirited. 

During the Greek Week tug-o-war, Dorothy 
Caldwell, Penn King, and Fred Manar give 
it their all to pull the hardest. 

104 • Panhellenic 

Panhellinic (left to right), 
Bottom row: Catherine 
Earles, Samara Paysee, Dara 
Delamere, and Shannon 
Nunnelley. Second row: Amy 
Schmidt, Karen Tongberg, 
Sherry Gutman, Meme Hol- 
land, and Joan Bryant. 

Being Simon during Greek 
Week, Shelia Komorowski 
leads teams in Play Day. 

These Greek Weekers can't 
get enough root beer. 

Greeks • 105 


These ADPi beauties are Denise 
Lee, Maria Moore, Amy Cutrer, Ju- 
lie Verrett, and Krystn Sheltrown. 

Alpha Delta Pi's Zeta chapter 
strives to make an important contri- 
bution to both the University and 
Georgetown communities. In the 
fall, the sorority sponsors ADPi 
Playday to support the Ronald Mc- 
Donald House, their National Phil- 
anthropy. They also contribute to 
the Adopt-A-Highway program. 

The Chapter Officers: Dorothy Wil- 
son, President; Elise Gonzalez, Vice 
President; Kathy Ellis, Vice Presi- 
dent of Pledge Education; Cathy 
Degnan, Assistant of Pledge Educa- 
tion; Martha Kemper, Standards 
Chairman; Kristy Waterman, Trea- 
surer; Shannon Gill, Social Chair- 
man; Jill Jones, Scholarship Chair- 
man; Jana Aronson, Rush Chair- 
man; Leigh Gard, Information 
Sheet; Carol Garcia, Philanthropy 
Chairman; Joan Bryant, Senior 
Panhellenic; and Dara Delamere, 
Junior Panhellenic. 

The Chapter gathers together 
before they preform "Singing In 
The Rain" in University Sing. 

Martha Fillmore, Gay Nor- 
mand, Cathy Hendren, and Cass 
VanWinkle represent ADPi at 
the Organizations Fair. 

106 • Alpha Delta Pi 

At Greek Week, Debbie Rathburn, Jill 
Jones, Jane Morris, and Krystn Shel- 
trown look ready for another game. 

The Alpha Delta Pi's: Sitting (It to rt): Dorothy Wilson, Angela Straface, Renee Preiss, Shannon Gill, Dana Wagner, and Amy 
Briscoe. Second Row: Cathy Degnan, Lisa Abell, Leigh Gard, Elise Gonzalez, Julie Verrett, Martha Kemper. Third Row: Jane 
Morris, Allison Kearney, Cathy Hendren, Maria Moore, Angela John, Carol Garcia, Amy Cutrer, and Meredith Smith. Fourth 
Row: Jana Aronson, Jill Jones, Susan Garza, Laura Ludwig, Martha Fillmore, Christi Piatt, Kim Novak, Jana Ruby, Danielle 
Odom, Kathy Ellis, Karen Helmers, Gay Normand, Susan Palms, and Carol Rushing. Fifth Row: Cheryl Morris, Joan Bryant, 
Dara Delamere, Barbie Rose, Susan Heibert, Cass VanWinkle, Debbie Rathburn, Krystn Sheltrown, Kelly Whidbee, and Denise 

The Spring Pledges: Bottom Row 
(It to rt): Staci Kasper, Melissa 
Torres, Laura Phillips, Stacy Deni- 
son, Sandra Cook, Kate Eliassen, 
and Maria Gil. Second Row: Erin 
Manning, Julie Brock, Diana 
McQuillin, and Christina Coroves- 
sis. Third Row: Aimee Estep, Bren- 
da Gray, and Kristin Sumpter. 
Fourth Row: Christine Kettle and 
Jill Dennis. 

Before a rush party, Kelly 
Whidbee and Jana Aronson 
show their enthusiasm. 

Greeks • 107 


At Derby Day, Katie Shull, 
Suzanne Capps, Nicole 
Peffer, and Paige Bonner 
look excited. 

These smiling DDD's are 
Kimbra Boon, Kelli 
Holloway, Jessica DuPont, 
Nancy Parker, Gena Watson, 
and Cullen Clark. 

Delta Delta Delta's Theta Epsilon 
Chapter prides itself on academic 
acheivement and involvement in a 
wide range of honor fraternities and 
university organizations. The soror- 
ity works for their philanthropy, 
Children's Cancer Research, during 
the fall and spring semesters. 

The Chapter Officers: Gena Wat- 
son, President; Karmen Thompson, 
Vice President; Georgianne Hewett, 
Chaplain; Maria Lade, Pledge 
Trainer; Shelby Holt, Secretary; 
Sarah Calcote, Scholarship Chair- 
man; Laura Nations, Treasurer; 
Amy Reif, Rush Chairman; Nancy 
Parker, Reference; Carol Gallrein, 
Campus Relations; Shannon Nun- 
nelley, Senior Panhellenic; Samara 
Paysse, Junior Panhellenic. 

The Delta Delta Delta's: Bottom Row (It to rt): Amy Tankersley, Shelby Holt, Heather Goynes, Cullen Clark, Julie Brown, Monica 
Zorilla, Heather Honig, Emily Etie, Abigail Candish, and Beth Allison. Second Row: Joan Thompson, Amy Reif, Laura Budgett, 
Georgianne Hewett, Traci Astolfo, Karen Quadrini, Nancy Parker, Carol Gallrein, Katy Conerly, and Laura Nations. Third Row: 
Margaret Reilly, Gena Watson, Liza Harris, Stefanie Maurer, Debbie Maschal, Karmen Thompson, Robyn Tangum, Karen Gott, Pebble 
Brockette, and Kelly Sigler. Fourth Row: Kelli Holloway, Shannon Nunnelley, Anne Moses, Kate Stephens, Neil Patterson, Jessica 
DuPont, Lisa Smith, Sarah Calcote, Casi Chamberlain, Maria Lade, Roxanne Barnes, Samara Paysse, Diana Ashe, Katie McDowell, and 
Katie Shull. 

At a mixer, Monica Zorilla, Amy 
Reif, and Joan Thompson enjoy 
their senior year together. 


At Delta Desserts, Shannon 
Nunnelley was the lucky Delta 
to get a pie thrown in her face. 

The Spring Pledges: Bottom Row (It to rt): Laura Bledsoe, 
Stephanie Swafford, and Alayne Kulvicki. Second Row: Janie 
Arwine, Suzanne Capps, and Paige Bonner. Third Row: Cadie 
Fisher, Anthe Safos, Melissa Cathcart, Nicole Peffer, and 
Kristi McCann. Fourth Row: Madeline Dunkum, Lara 
McNelly, Carey Shockley, Alyssa Perz, Katie Hamilton, and 
Julie Greig. 

Relaxing at an Alumna's house are 
Robyn Tangum, Katie McDowell, 
Kelly Sigler, Pebble Brockette, 
Courtney Franks, and Julie Brown 

These Delta Darlings are (front) 
Katie Shull, Jennifer Harper, Julie 
Brown, Cullen Clark, (back) Mar- 
garet Reilly, Nancy Parker, Emily 
Etie, and Beth Chapoton. 

Greeks • 109 


Shopping together Cynthia 
Brink, Margaret Soderholtz, 
and Rebecca Flader enjoy the 
holiday season. 

Delta Zeta's Gamma Zeta Chapter 
promote avid participation and 
achievement on campus and strive 
to carry on the tradition of aca- 
demic and social excellence. In the 
spring, the sorority sponsors The 
Most Eligible Bachelor Contest to 
raise money for their national phil- 
anthropy, Gallaudet University. 

The Chapter Officers: Sharon Gra- 
ham, President; Cynthia Brink, 
Vice President for Membership; 
Pema Baca, Vice President of 
Pledge Education; Cindy Smith, 
Recording Secretary; Erin Allen, 
Corresponding Secretary; Laura 
Kimball, Treasurer; Karen Tong- 
berg, Senior Panhellenic; and Meme 
Holland, Junior Panhellenic. 

Modeling for the rush fash- 
ion show, Cindy Smith dress- 
es for a vacation hot-spot. 

Delta Zeta's pose before their 
Big Thrill rush party. 

110 • Delta Zeta 

The Spring Pledges: Bottom Row (It to rt): Barbara Kearly 
Chessy Blanchard, and Jennifer Covington. Second Row: Sand; 
Kendall, Nicole Cowan, Laura Heath, and Kristi Martin. 


The Delta Zetas: Sitting (It to rt): Wendy Streza, Carrie Yeoman, Martha Machell, Rachael Sandifer, Meme Holland, 
Erin Allen, Pema Baca, and Rebecca Flader. Second Row: Margaret Soderholtz, Chris Carter, Kim Baxter, Ginny 
Graham, Vanessa Davis, Sharon Graham, Kristy Lelvis, Cindy Smith, Shelley Reese, Laura Kimball, and Karen 

At Halloween, Erin Allen, 
Ginny Graham, Sharon Gra- 
ham, Leigh Shamp, Kim 
Baxter, Rachael Sandifer, 
and Wendy Streza show their 
artcarved pumpkins. 

These DZ's Erin Allen, Wen- 
dy Streza, and Rebecca 
Flader were definately influ- 
enced by Picasso. 

Greeks • 111 




The Pledges: Bottom Row: Dora Nemeth, Heather Richardson, Allison Goolsby, and Stacie 
Donnelly. Second Row: Kim Long, Tracy Richbourg, Darien Kubik, and Lynne McCreary. 
Third Row: Beth Herttenberger, Chana Moses, Monica Diaz, Sandy Brown, Lori Jordan, 
Michelle Murray, Susan Brummett, Michelle Mitchell, Suzanne Ramsey, and Jennifer 

Zeta Tau Alpha's Lambda Chapter 
is comprised with women of diverse 
talents and interests, and they have 
members in almost every facet of 
university life, such as honor soci- 
eties, fraternity little sisters, inter- 
colligate athletics, music, theater, 
and various governing bodies. 

The Chapter Officers: Nancey 
Littleton, President; Jennifer Mor- 
rison, Vice President; Brigid Malek, 
Secretary; Karen Holloman, Direc- 
tor of Pledge Programming; Jeannie 
Reeh, Treasurer; Maria Kruger, Rit- 
ual Chairman; Laura Turner, Mem- 
bership; Felicia Leonard, Historian/ 
Reporter; Amy Schmidt, Senior 
Panhellenic; and Trina Earles, Ju- 
nior Panhellenic. 

112 • Zeta Tau Alpha 

These Zeta's, (back) Kenda Jame- 
son, Pam Lohec, Amy Blake, June 
Chen, Kyla Lawson, Dorothy Cald- 
well, (front) Laura Turner, Jenny 
Morrison, and Tammy Bland look 
enthralled at one of their rush par- 

At a progressive dinner, Pam Lo- 
hec, Nancey Littleton, Dorothy 
Caldwell, Kat Aguirre, and Laura 

These Zeta smiles are those of Kim 
Ratliff, Pam Lohec, Julie Leonard, 
and Cathy Fuller. 

The Zeta Tau Alpha's: Bottom Row (It to rt): Kristy Koenig, Stephanie Murff, Kim Carter, Vicki 
Vanderwind, Laura Urquidi, Molly McKee, and Laura Brusch. Second Row: Kim Ratliff, Karen 
Holloman, Kris Olsta, Nina Gunther, Jana Jordan, Ashlie Simecek, Rebecca Kendall, Maria Kruger, 
and Brigid Collins. Third Row: Wynn Haemisegger, Nancey Littleton, Judy Allbright, Laura Turner, 
Shanna Delany, Dana Hansen, Felicia Leonard, Amy Blake, Kenda Jameson, June Chen, Laurie Ott, 
Tammy Bland, Jean Reeh, Dorothy Caldwell, and Ann Preis. Fourth Row: Stephanie Panus, Amy 
Streater, Dana Davis, Cathy Fuller, Melinda Rogers, Julie Leonard, Jenny Morrison, Kyla Lawson, 
Kristin Kennedy, and Pam Lohec. 

Greeks • 113 


Kappa Alpha's Xi Chapter strives 
for excellence not only in the cam- 
pus community, but on the national 
level as well. They sponsor events 
such as the Haunted House, Basket- 
ball Dribble, and a car wash to 
benefit the Muscular Distrophy As- 
sociation. They also sponsor Derby 
Day for the pledges of all of the 
campus sororities. 

The Chapter Officers: John Santry, 
I; Rodney Waddle, II; Tom Kilpa- 
trick, III; Henry Stone, IV; Shannon 
Sims, V; Bill Alexander, VI; Rich- 
ard Williams, VII; Brent Hall, VIII; 
and Alexander Reilly, IX. 

Mark Holmes and Chris Cas- 
son show off their manly 

The Rose Amy Reif 
with Southern Gen- 
tlemen Jeff Easley, 
Shannon Sims, and 
Kim Sails. 

This studly man, 
Marc Ledet gives a 
friendly little smirk. 

114 • Kappa Alpha 

KA's and Little Sisters-Bottom row (left/right): Anthe Safos, Joan Thompson, Shannon Nunnelley, Tracy Traver, Julie Brown, Robyn 
Tangum, Ginger Gaines, Mark Thompson, Clark Gregg, William Kelsey, John Santry, Layng Guerriero, Troy Williams, Richard 
Williams, and Henry Stone. Second Row (sitting): David Dickie, Jeff Easley, Kevin McMahon, John Lutz, Brent Metschan, and Julian 
Fertitta. Third Row (standing): Fred Manar, Felicia Leonard, Tommy Muniz, June Chen, Andrew Thompson, Laura Turner, John 
Holmes, The Rose, Amy Reif, Shannon Sims, Barry Broeckelmann, Bryan Shockley, Chris Casson, Patrick Rork, Shannon Gill, Mark 
Holmes, Renee Preiss, Alexander Reilly, Brent Hall, Bill Alexander, Michael McGrath, Penn King, John Patton, and Tim Painter. Top: 
Chip May. 

The Spring Pledges: Bottom 
Row (left/right): Rob White, 
David Houston, and Dan Wat- 
kins. Second Row: Brad Carey, 
Mark Meza, Louis Bishop, Ste- 
phen Deanda, Robert Bryant, 
Mark Grafton, Richard Coiner. 
Third Row: Joe Hancock, Tony 
King, Bill Piotrowski, Darryl 
Allen, Troy West, and Josh 




Greeks • 115 



The Kappa Sigma's: Bottom Row (It to rt): Darrin Fisher, Richard Armstrong, Andy 
Walker, Cole Widney, Joe Wilson, Kevin McKinney, Scott Herlihy, Jeff Cookston, Chris 
Williams, Dylan Wood, Hojun Kim, Tim Smith, Matt Jones, and Darren Britt. Second 
Row: Trey Wackman, Nathan McCarty, Scott Hanson, Willy Thoeni, Josh Russell, Hiawa- 
tha Bradley, Michael Chiang, Trey Gerfers, John Styrsky, Nathan Blakeslee, Barry Patton 
and Moses Fisher. 

Kappa Sigma's Iota Chapter was 
the 27th chapter established in the 
U.S. The fraternity has various 
philanthropic activities. They are a 
member of Green Peace and they 
sponsor a child in Ecuador. The 
Kappa Sigma and the Phi Delta 
Theta chapters joined to have a 
softball tournament benefiting the 
Georgetown Little League. 

The Chapter Officers: Chris Wil- 
liams, Grand Master; Tim Smith, 
Grand Procurator; Hojun Kim, 
Grand Scribe; Willy Thoeni, Grand 
Treasurer; and Richard Armstrong, 
Grand Master of Ceremonies. 

Frustrated Tim Smith takes a 
break during the Kappa Sig/Phi 
Delt charity softball game. 

During Road Rally, John 
Strysky and Josh Russell look 
like they have their feet full. 

116 • Kappa Sigma 

The Spring Pledges: (It to rt): 
Greg Schepens, John Wallace, 
Chris Chaput, Mitch King, Kyle 
Canon, Scott McNinch, Matt 
Nartz, Joseph Strickland, Lee 
Boyle, and Keith Doeren. 

Does Cole Widney look excited 
or what? 

Hannging around at the Sig 
house, Scott Hurlihy, Dylan 
Wood, and Scott Hanson enter- 
tain themselves. 

Lounging on the couch, Willy 
Thoeni is tired from all the 
school work he has to complete. 

Greeks • 117 




Phi Delta Theta's Texas Gamma 
Chapter aims to provide services to 
the campus and the Georgetown 
community. The chapter partici- 
pates in the Adopt-A-Highway pro- 
gram and joined with the Kappa 
Sigmas to have a softball tourna- 
ment benefiting the Georgetown 
Little League. 

The Chapter Officers: Ted Hume, 
President; Brian Bruckner, Vice 
President; Brett McClung, Secre- 
tary; John Forsberg, Treasurer; 
Scott Burkey, Social Chairman; 
Alan Roark, Rush Chairman; Van 
Fitzgerald, Pledge Trainer; Chad 
Schiffner, Historian; Joe Fisher, 
House Manager; Bohdy Hedgcock, 
IFC Representative; Reid Morrison, 
Community Services; John Dapper, 
Awards Chairman; Paul Fitzgib- 
bons, Sports Chairman; and Jack 
Franklin, Scholarship Chairman. 

The Phi Delta Theta's: Sitting (It to rt): Bohdy Hedgcock, Ben Giese, Shawn Wiltse, 
Michael Sullivan, Jamie Reeves, Steve McKay, Pete Allman, Ted Hume, Brian Bruckner, 
Mike Davis, Tim McGonigle, Monroe Giese, and Biff Brannon. Second Row: Paul Lacy, 
Thomas Mayo, Chris Holland, Scott Burkey, Brett McClung, Todd Gant, Randy Cauley, 
Michael Hansen, Lamar Smith, Scott Durkin, and Van Fitzgerald. Third Row: Reid Morri- 
son, Hal Long, Chris White, Brandon Quarles, Chad Schiffner, Todd Stephens, Matt 
Mayhew, John Forsberg, Paul Fitzgibbons, Jack Franklin, Brent Seaks, Allen Roark, Joe 
Fisher, John Doenges, Ric Wade, Scott Griscom, Mark Easterly, John Dapper, Bill Wolfle, 
and Harland Dewitt. 

This trio of Scott Burkey, Joe Fish- 
er, and Ben Giese are showing their 
"brotherly" love. 

Talented Van Fitzgerald supports 
his team during Greek Week 



118 • Phi Delta Theta 

Preparing themselves for a 
night on the town are Chad 
Schiffner and Harland Dewitt 

N These handsome Phi Delts 
Bohdy Hedgcock, Pete Allman, 
and Jamie Reeves show those 
-t cute dimples for the pose. 

U the ADPi/Phi Delt Paint-A-Date mixer, Van Fitzgerald, Scott Burkey, Allen 
iloark, Bill Wolfle, Chad Schiffner, and Brian Bruckner are armed and ready. 

Greeks • 119 



These PKA hunks are Mike 
Fuller, John Eagle, Brian 
Coughlin, and Eric Mason. 

Pi Kappa Alpha's Alpha Omicron 
Chapter succeeds in supporting the 
philanthropic aspects of fraternity 
life. This year they sponsored a 
kickball tournament as well as 
many other events to benefit Cere- 
bral Palsy. The chapter prides itself 
on national excellence. 

The Chapter Officers: David Rex, 
President; Justin Elmore, Vice 
President; Patrick Portmann, Trea- 
surer; Rob Crangle, Secretary; and 
Gary Dugan, Sergeant At Arms. 

HI " J I 


i^F^ "~ ^^^1 



1 B y ^fl 

L 1 




1 . ' 'ft i ^FflP^fl 


? i Li 

Sir '■ Mim 1 

The Pike Brigade in the Home- 
coming Parade. 

These PiKA frat boys are sure ex- 
cited about their new spring 

120 • Pi Kappa Alpha 

The Pi Kappa Alpha's: Bottom Row (It to rt): Chris Damon, Eric Jensen, John Whitehurst, Dan Vera, Mike Schwartz, Dwayne Ham, 
Pat Portmann, David Rex, Rusty Peterson, Mike Weisskopf, Joe Weeden, and Steve Prince. Second Row: Keith Curlee, Krystn 
Sheltrown, GayeLynn Gilbert, Deanna Schneider, Jed Comandante, Gena Watson, Sarah Calcote, Max, Dream Girl Georgianne Hewett, 
Kelly Tenley, Maria Lade, Brian Kryszewski, Jorge Diaz, Rob Crangle, and Eddie Pupo. Third Row: Bobby Linhart, Rod Sandford, 
Brant Bledsoe, Brad Weselman, Fred Barrera, Mike Frontz, Gary Dugan, Shannon Taylor, Lee Liedicke, Justin Elmore, Terry 
Smithson, Garret Brandt, George Boudreau, Geoff Carpenter, Derek Dickens, John Eagle, Ron Anderson, Jim Doyle, Sel Unite, Rodney 
Mayerhoff, Brian Coughlin, Mike Dizdar, Ignacio Barbero, and Bill Bowman. Fourth Row: Joe Case, Jaysn Jameson, Chris Morris, and 
Spencer Skelley. 

Lance Westcott, Jorge Diaz, 
and Steve Prince scope out 
the campus from the top of 
the Pike house. 

It's a bird. It's a plane. 
Brian Kryszewski. 


The Pledges: Sitting (It to rt): Joe 
Widner, Luke Swift, Max, and 
Mike Fuller. Second Row: Steve 
Mendenhall, Mike Moran, Pete 
Gosselink, Tuan Nguyen, Carter 
Hay, Eric Mason, Rob Phillips, 
Paul Sorajja, Jeremy Field, Mark 
Revis, Andrew Craft, Eric Timm, 
Jeff Kryszewski, Clint Bledsoe, Ed- 
die Rodriguez, Lewis Snell, and 
Victor Garcia. 

Greeks • 121 

;«■■:: ;vWsv : ;■»■■; 

:/::;■;. f:v;;;.:.:, -«::;: ; 

|ip?;t;v;^ ..;.;: 

The Pike's play a mean 
game of Softball during 
the season. 





: \ as; ' ■ " a 

The Tri Delts vs. the AD- 
Pi's in a roaring game of 

Swimming for his hall, 
Mike Fuller gasps for an- 
other breath of air. 

122 • Intramurals 


Division Page • 123 

Intramurals are new and improved 
for the 1989-90 year. It is the first 
year that there is a Coordinator of 
Intramural Recreational Activities. 
Susan Timourian is the first to orga- 
nize the intramural program for 
Southwestern. She has begun new 
events for the students to partici- 
pate such as Wallyball and an Ulti- 
mate Frisbee game. This is also the 
first year to have an end of the year 
Outdoor Volleyball Tournament 
and the first year to award a Men 
and Women Athlete of The Year. 

The fall intramurals: Wallyball 
winners were The Sundevils; and 

The second place winners in 
Men's Flag Football, Pi 
Kappa Alpha. 

second place were Allen's Team. 

The Men's Racketball games were 
dominated by the faculty with 
Richard Denman, first; Nick Sikes, 
third; and Robert Morgan, fourth. 
The Women's Racketball winners 
were Alina Masferrer, first; Susan 
Palms, Second; Susan Garza, third; 
and Susan Heibert, third. 

The Turkey Trot winners were 
John Santry for the men and Julia 
Hilliard for the women. 

Softball winners were Phi Delta 
Theta I, first; Pi Kappa Alpha I, 

second for the men. Women Soft- 
ball winners were Killer Tomatoes, 
first; Alpha Delta Pi, second. 

Three on Three Men's Basketball 
winners were D'Boys, first which 
leads them to Trinity for regional 
competition; and Phi Delta Theta, 

Men's Flag Football winner's were 
Phi Delta Theta; Pi Kappa Alpha, 
second. Women's Flag Football win- 
ners were Killer Tomatoes, first; Al- 
pha Delta Pi, second. 

The first place winners in 
Women's Flag Football, 
The Killer Tomatoes. 

124 • Intramurals 

The first place winners of 
Men's Flag Football, Phi 
Delta Theta. 

The second place winners of 
Women's Flag Football, Al- 
pha Delta Pi. 

Intramural • 125 

126 • Intramurals 

The killer Alpha Delta Pi of- 
fense begins a play. 

if- \ 

Intramurals • 121 

An aggressive Suzanne 
Capps grabs control of 
the ball in a fierce bas- 
ketball game. 


■' ' 

* * 

The Phi Delta Theta outfield 
races for the softball. 

Pi Kappa Alpha vs. The Inde- 

128 • Intramurals 



The Kappa Sigma's toss the ball 
to each other before the softball 
game begins. 

Meredith Smith leads the ADPi 
outfield as the outstanding 


Phi Delta Theta vs. Kappa Sig- 


Intramurals • 129 


,,, EsS 


The baseball team cheers 
on another intercollegiate 
team, volleyball. 

The cheerleaders are al- 
ways there to support our 
SU teams. 

The volleyball team goes 
for another point. 



130 • Sports 

I* i 





The SU men's soccer team 
kicks their way to victory. 




-*» * < fcM j| 




■*-.?#■■ Sll^g 

It .%* * 

- ■ — - 

• 4* 


Division Page • 131 



The 1989-90 Men's Basket 
ball Team. 

The Southwestern Men's Basket- 
ball Team is quick and loaded with 
athletic ability. The coach is Paul 
Peak with Pete Fink and Scott Mat- 
thew as assistant coaches and Pen- 
ny Prince as student trainer. The 
team has made the playoffs for the 
eleventh time in the last twelve 
years. Ray Baranco is All-American 
and Ron Chovanec is Academic All- 
American; both are All-District first 

team for District IV. 

Team members include: Doug Peak 
#4; Charles Ward, #12; David! 
Houston, #14; Gerald Embry, #20 
Doston Bradley, #24; Aaron 
Zoerner, #32; Ron Chovanec, #34 
Ray Baranco, #40; Wes Warren, 
#42; David Delnero, #50; and Dar-| 
ryl Allen, #52. 

132 • Men's Basketball 

Trying to shoot the winning 
basket, Ray Baranco leaps 
above the defense. 

Ron Chovanec jumps up to 
aim precisely for the hoop. 

Fighting for the shot, Aaron 
Zoerner directs the ball into 
the air. 

Sports • 133 



The Southwestern Women's Bas- 
ketball Team has a record of 15-8 in 
the regular season. They are 
coached by Reda Clay and Cari 
Weiland is the manager. There are 
four NAIA Scholarship Athlete 
nominations from the team and one 
A-District player. Total point- wise 
during the season, Ponda Griggs, 
the only senior, scored 290 and 
Christy Schwall scored 283. 

Team members include: Kelly 
Poarch, #11; Sheralyn Mott, #13; 
Traci Elliott, #15; Kristi Johnson, 
#23; Stacy Denison, #25; Janet 
Henderson, #33; Susan Stokes, #35; 
Lynn Cole, #41; Christy Schwall, 
#43; Misty Clay, #45; Ponda 
Griggs, #51; and Ann Guy, #53. 

The 1989-90 Southwestern 
Women's Basketball Team. 

134 • Women's Basketball 

Dribbling down the court, 
Traci Elliott tries to posi- 
tion the play so the team 
can score. 

Sports • 135 



The 1990 Southwestern 
Men's Baseball Team. 

The Southwestern Men's Baseball 
Team is a member of the NAIA and 
is in District IV. The coach is Jim 
Mallon and assistant coach is James 
Ellison. Team Members include: 
Pat Primavera, #2; Michael Peck, 
#3; Dan Mishler, #5; Mike Mcln- 
tyre, #6; Scott Smith, #8; Ed 
Snchez, #9; Kevin Kalisky, #10; 
Eric Boyt, #11; Wade Williams, 
#12; Todd Mantz, #13; Dennis 

Wagner, #14; Sean Quintana, #15; 
Mark Avery, #16; Pat Leonard. 
#17; Steve Sullivan, #18; Paul 
Traeger, #19; Don Childs, #20: 
Glenn Burrow, #22; Troy West. 
#23; Roy Nieto, #24; Robbie Morin 
#25; Hobey Strawn, #26; Drue 
Reeves, #27; John Carpenter, #29: 
Jeff Spencer, #30; Dan Fielder 
#32; Quentin Riley, #33; and Briar 
Anderson, #37. 




}^£ < .) 

- 9 


l^xJ t&» & *&****>* 

■ * 

Southwestern's Roy Nieto 
prepares to strike the bat- 
ter out. 



136 • Baseball 


The team tries for a home- 

Pat Primavera aims to hit 
the ball over the fence. 

The Pirate outfield races 
to catch the ball for the 
third out. 

Sports • 13' 


Congratulations to The Southwest- 
ern Volleyball Team who volleyed 
their way to a fantastic year! Coach 
Glada Munt and the team finished 
Nationals with a 38 and 9 record. 
This included winning NAIA Dis- 
trict 4 and NAIA Bi District V 

Championships. They won third at 
NAIA National Championship held 
on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. 
The team produced two All-Ameri- 
can players; Rebecca Wilson, First 
team, and Lori Jones, Second team. 

The 1989-90 Volleyball Team (left to right), Bottom row: Kim Baxter, Cathy Rivera, Kim Ratliff, Monica Maldonado, Wanda 
Hermes, Renee Mullins, Melissa Cathcart, and Henry Burgess. Second row: Katie Harris, Lori Jones, Kim Long, Rebecca 
Wilson, Alicia Gordon, Dana Davis, Constance Scott, and Glada Munt. 

138 • Volleyball 


The Volleyball team during a 

For that winning point, Wan- 
da Hermes falls after giving it 
her best shot. 

The team rushes to the net to 
beat the opponents. 

On their way to Hawaii, 
Cathy Rivera, Dana Davis, 
Kim Ratliff, and Kim Long 
show the excitement is in the 

Sports • 139 


The Tennis Team is coached by 
Greg Alexander. They play the 
Spring and the Fall seasons and 
both doubles and singles. The play- 
ers consist of men and women. The 
team plays matches against other 
independent schools in this region 
of Texas. 

David Baker is the Golf Team 
Coach. The team plays at South- 
western, as well as away, against 
other golf team in the region. 

The Tennis Coach, Greg Alexander. 




- ..* 


^^Pmmw0* t * 3 

Golf Team (left to right): 
Matt Pouttu, Todd Mantz, 
Jason Steed, David Baker, 
and David Peak. 

Running to the net, Maria 
Moore slams the ball. 

•A* 1 




140 • Tennis And Golf 

Tennis Team, Men (left to 
right), Bottom row: Chris 
Dinkel, Chris Maurer, Brad 
Carey, and Billy Knox. Sec- 
ond row: Tomas Muniz, Kyle 
Canon, John Patton, Lamar 
Smith, and Joshua Russell. 

Tennis Team, Women (left 
to right), Bottom row: 
Tammy Bland, Maria Moore, 
Julie Greig, and Cadie Fish- 
er. Second row: Kyla Lawson, 
Debbie Fisher, and Dara De- 

y^f '>■•:'■ 

During a match, the men try 
and win the game. 

At practice, Cadie Fisher hits 
to strengthen her forearm. 

Sports • 141 



Southwestern's Lacrosse team plays 
in the western division of the 
Southwest Lacrosse Association. 
They compete against such schools 
as Texas Tech, Oklahoma State 
University, SMU, and Baylor. The 
team is coached by Monty Curtis 
and Matt Norris. The Captains are 
John Santry, David Dickie, and 
Andy Ozley. Stacey Flood is the 
Manager. Players include: Louis 
Bishop, Roberto Blanco, Michael 
Chiang, William Cohen, Andrew 
Craft, Michael Davis, Michael 

The 1989-90 Southwestern 
Lacrosse Team. 

Deane, David Dickie, Jeff Easley, 
John Forsberg, Craig Garrett, Ash- 
ley Gorham, Mark Grafton, Jenni- 
fer Heller, Tony King, John Lutz, 
Margie Maldonado, Steven McKay, 
Scott McNinch, David Moore, Craig 
Mundhenk, Steve Otillar, Andy Oz- 
ley, Beth Perkins, Penny Prince, 
James Reeves, Eric Ritter, David 
Robinson, John Santry, Alan 
Shackelford, Tony Shafer, Henry 
Stone, David Suttle, Bryan Thoma- 
son, Trey Wackman, Andrew Walk- 
er, Robert White, Coulson Widney, 
Eric Youn. 

The Southwestern Soccer Teams 
are coached by Gus Luna (men) and 

Karen Bradshaw (women). The> 
play other soccer teams within the 
state both in Spring and Fall. The 
men's team includes: Iggy Barbero 
Nathan Blakeslee, Barton Cro 
meens, James Doyle, Lance Hamp 
ton, David Henley, Penn King 
Ricky Mitchell, Luke Swift, Shawr 
Wiltse, Bill Wolfe, Michael Wolfe 
The women's team includes: Reen; 
Arya, Paige Bonner, Cynthia Brink 
Kate Eliassen, Sarah Espinoza 
Candace Finan, Shannon Geary 
Maria Gill, Kim Goldsmith, Karyi 
Leseur, Margie Maldonado, Alisoi 
McKay, Susan Palms, Renee Preiss 
and Audrey Smith. 


^vr^ "' " ■ - tir;_.^^:\V. . ■-,. :.i?. 
*'■■'- ,-mity- • ■-•■—•• 


142 • Lacrosse And Soccer 


The 1989-90 Men's Soccer 

Kicking for the goal, Ricky 
Mitchell demonstrates his 
awesome soccer ability. 

■ ■ : 

~ ' s m - 

Goalie Iggy Barbero prepares 
to block the point. 

The 1989-90 Southwestern 
Women's Soccer Team. 

Sports • 143 

Shooting pool Robert 
Bryant and Mark Revis 
take advantage of the rec 

Trying to use the library 
computer, sits confused 
Brett McClung 

Tired on the job, Elisa- 
beth Meuller stretches to 
try and stay awake. 

On a beautiful fall day Ju- 
lie Brown and Jennifer 
Harper walk across cam- 

144 • Closing 


These sexy women are Carol 
Garcia, Julie Branch, Angelyque I 
Campbell, and Lisa Smith. 

Division Page • 145 

Elizabeth Holland and Julie 
Branch visit with the editor of 
Essence Magazine. 

146 • Closing 

These two friends, Missy Delay 
and Phedra Ross show just how 
sweet they can be even after eat- 
ing at the commons. 

Stress gets to the SU student, 
but don't take the advice of Jus- 
tin Eagle and Joe Ramirez. 

Partying at a mixer, Laura Ur- 
quidi, Randy Cauley, and 
Heather Miller enjoy the social 
life of SU. 

This beauty, Ginger Gaines 
makes a lovely addition to the 
Haunted House. 

Closing • 14' 


The Blizzard of Bucks win- 
ner, Paul Traeger is con- 
gratulated by his friends. 


This Sleeping Beauty, John June Nesby and Kim Essary 
Patton couldn't find his bed- show their cute smiles for the 
room so he settled for the couch. 

T\V5 1 %u>A 


148 • Closing 

London students Liza Harris, 
Katy Conerly, Debbie Maschal, 
and Karen Quadrini ventured to 
Paris during their stay in the 

Southwestern students rally for 
the continuing of the athletic 

Closing • 149 

The Sesquicentennial year at 
Southwestern University has been 
filled with excitement from Fresh- 
men Orientation, to Homecoming, 
Alumni Weekends, ending with 
Graduation. The Sou'wester is a pic- 
torial of this year. It has been pro- 
duced for the enjoyment of every- 
one associated with SU and I hope 
all who view it will laugh and re- 
member the 1989-90 year as one of 
the best. 

A special thanks to Dorita Hatchett 
for her advice and guidance. Also I 
would like to thank Maria Moore, 
Margaret Reilly, Karen Bradshaw, 
Melissa Torres, and Paige Bonner 
for their support and laughter. To 
the Administration, Faculty, orga- 
nizations, and each student who 
helped to make this yearbook one of 
the best, I appreciate your help. 

An excited Paula Murphy is 
doubted by onlooker Chris- 
tine Kettle about her latest 

This stud Andrew Thompson 
in his slick "ride" tries to 
pick up Kristin Kennedy to 
go for a spin. 

150 • Closing 

London Students: Bottom Row (It to rt): Janelle Wertzberger, Julia McElreath, Lynnette Sterling, 
Leslie Marsh, John Whitehurst, and Steve Perz. Second Row: Kevin Corado, Kelley Stephenson, 
Monica Kullak, Leslie Armsworth, Liza Harris, Annette Helmcamp, and Christine Leonard. Third 
Row: Candace Coen, Matt Johnson, Kevin Adams, GayeLynn Gilbert, D'Lane Runkles, Ramiro Can- 
ales, Lee Liedecke, Amy Vanwyngarden, and Beth Williams. Fourth Row: Debbie Maschal, Katie 
Conerly, Lori Baur, Kristy Waterman, Craig McKinney, Debbie Mahar, Karen Quadrini, Kelly Jarrell, 
Sharon Birch, and Shannon Hart. 

These smiling faces belong to 
best buddies Paige Bonner, 
Margaret Reilly, and Kelli 

Closing • 151 



Looking excited Amanda 
Timm and Brooke Baker 
are thrilled about class. 


While studying, Kevin 
Considine sits in his dorm 
room window. 

During "Simon Says", 
Lara McNelly and Carey 
Shockley sit out the last of *> 
the game. 

152 • Index 




it. jj0* 





These SU students relax 
after their afternoon 


Division Page • 153 


Adams, Kevin 151 

Aduonum, Adwoa 99 

Agee, Amy 56 

Aguirre, Kat 112 

Aiton, Catherine 56, 80 

Akin, John 56, 82, 84 

Albright, Judith 7, 44, 45, 56, 84, 

Alex, Steven 56 
Alexander, Bill 115 
Alexander, Greg 140 
Allbright, Lori 50 
Allen, Darryl 115, 132 
Allen, Erin 56, 82, 84, 91, 111 
Allen, Kathleen 50, 86, 91, 99 
Allen, Martha 29, 35 
Allison, Beth 56, 108 
Allman, Pete 56, 118, 119 
Ammerman, Matt 119 
Anderson, Brian 136 
Anderson, Jill 56 
Anderson, Ron 121 
Apollo, Anthony 56 
Archibald, Judy 56, 94 
Armendariz, George 101 
Armstrong, Richard 116 
Armsworth, Leslie 151 
Aronson, Jana 56, 96, 99, 107 
Arwine, Janie 9, 56, 109 
Arya, Reena 56, 94, 142 
Ashe, Diana 56, 95, 97, 108 
Astolfo, Traci 45, 56, 86, 99, 108 
Atkins, Martha 45, 47, 56, 84 
Austin, Benjamin 50 
Avery, Mark 136 


Baca, Pema 56, 97, 99, 111 
Bailes, Jan 50 
Bailey, Randy 56 
Baker, Brooke 152 
Baker, David 140 
Baker, Kristin 84 
Ballou, Roger 19 
Baranco, Raphael 50, 132, 133 
Barbero, Ignacio 56, 121, 142, 143 
Barnes, Roxanne 56, 78, 86, 96, 

Barrera, Fred 86, 90, 96, 97, 121 
Bartholomew, Vickie 56, 99 
Bartkowicz, Kim 90 
Barton, William 56, 84 
Bauknight, Julie 50, 93 
Baur, Lori 146, 151 
Baxter, Kim 87, 111, 138 
Beard, Gregory 57 
Benton, Andrew 57 
Bermudez, Perla 57 
Berretta, Gregg 50 
Biggerstaff, Vic 57, 84 
Biles, John 86, 87, 93 
Birch, Sharon 151 
Bishop, Louis 115, 142 
Blackburn, Thomas 35 
Blake, Amy 83, 84, 85, 112, 113 
Blakeslee, Nate 57 
Blakeslee, Nathan 116, 142 
Blanchard, Chessy 57, 110 
Blanco, Roberto 142 
Bland, Tammy 57, 90, 112, 113, 

Bledsoe, Brent 44, 57, 87, 121 
Bledsoe, Clint 57, 121 
Bledsoe, Laura 12, 57, 109 
Bleke, Tanya 57, 84, 85 
Blouin, Kevin 84 
Blume, Jennifer 90, 113 
Bohm, Maria 35 
Bonner, Paige 10, 108, 109, 142, 

Boon, Kimbra 108 
Borjas, Rebecca 57, 94, 96 
Bossart, Elizabeth 57, 99 
Boudreau, George 42, 57, 121 
Bouffard, Konrad 57 
Bowman, Bill 57, 121 
Boyle, Lee 117 
Boyt, Eric 57, 136 
Braden, Glen 57, 91, 92 
Braden, Tammy 57 
Bradley, Doston 132 
Bradley, Hiawatha 116 
Bradshaw, Karen 142 
Branch, Julie 45, 57, 98, 146 
Branch, William 50 
Brandenberger, Andy 84 
Brandt, Garret 92, 121 
Brannon, Biff 118 
Bransom, Jennifer 50, 91, 93 
Bremer, Kelli 45, 46, 47, 57 
Bridger, Mary 50, 88, 93 
Bridges, William 57 
Brink, Cynthia 96, 110, 142 
Brinkley, Jon 57, 95 

Briscoe, Amy 57, 84, 107 

Britt, Darren 116 

Brock, Julie 58, 89, 107 

Brockette, Pebble 58, 99, 108, 109 

Brockmann, Juan 58, 93 

Broeckelmann, Barry 115 

Browder, Joseph 58 

Brown, Anna 58, 99 

Brown, Cassandra 58 

Brown, Jill 50 

Brown, Julie 58, 108, 109, 115, 149 

Brown, Sandy 112 

Brown, Shawn 58, 93 

Bruckner, Brian 118, 119 

Brummett, Susan 58, 84, 112 

Brunson, Leeanna 92 

Brusch, Laura 112, 113 

Bryant, Joan 50, 100, 105, 107 

Bryant, Robert 115 

Bryant, Suzanne 11, 58 

Budgett, Laura 50, 94, 108 

Buerger, Christa 58, 88, 98 

Buffington, Bobbi 45 

Burch, Noelle 58, 81 

Burchard, Chuck 84, 87, 99 

Burgess, Henry 138 

Burkey, Scott 58, 118, 119 

Burrow, Glenn 136 

Busch, Susan 58, 84, 85 

Calcote, Sarah 108, 121 
Caldwell, Dorothy 58, 104, 112, 

Callahan, Kris 58 
Callihan, Melissa 58 
Campbell, Angelyque 58, 89, 98 
Campbell, James 58, 88, 98 
Canales, Ramiro 151 
Candish, Abigail 50, 95, 96, 108 
Canon, Jeffrey 58 
Canon, Kyle 117, 141 
Capps, Suzanne 58, 108, 109, 128 
Carey, Brad 115, 141 
Carlson, John 58 
Carpenter, Geoff 84, 121 
Carpenter, John 58, 136 
Carrera, Monica 91, 97, 99 
Carroll, Meghan 58 
Carter, Christina 84, 111 
Carter, Kim 50, 80, 89, 91, 113 
Case, Joe 59, 87, 90, 96, 121 
Casson, Chris 4, 59, 114, 115 
Castillo, Jennifer 100 
Castro, Angelica 59, 98 

154 • Index 

Cathcart, Melissa 12, 59, 109, 138 

Cauley, Randy 59, 96, 118, 147 

Caunter, Christine 11, 59 

Chamberlain, Casi 59, 108 

Chandler, Jay 59, 87, 119 

Chapoton, Beth 109 

Chaput, Chris 117 

Chavarria, Janie 59, 99 

Chen, June 59, 112, 113, 115, 149 

Cheney, Rebecca 84, 88, 98 

Chhith, Yaravi 59, 88 

Chiang, Michael 116, 142 

Childs, Don 136 

Choate, Laura 59 

Chovanec, Ron 59, 132, 133 

Claiborn, Gwenaelle 59 

Clark, Cullen 59, 108, 109 

Clay, Misty 59, 134 

Clay, Reda 134 

Cobb, Beth 59, 92 

Cockrum, Guillermo 92, 99 

Coen, Candace 151 

Cogan, John 59 

Cohen, Bill 119, 142 

Coiner, Richard 115 

Colburn, Stuart 90, 91, 92 

Cole, Lynn 59, 134 

Coleman, Cally 50, 92 

Collins, Bridget 50, 88, 91, 93, 113 

Comandante, Jed 121 

Conerly, Katy 108, 149, 151 

Considine, Kevin 59, 119, 152 

Consolno, Wayne 59 

Cook, Sandra 59, 107 

Cookston, Jeff 59, 116 

Coplen, Teresa 84 

Corado, Kevin 146, 151 

Cordes, Laura 88, 93, 98 

Corovessis, Christina 59, 79, 84, 

Coughlin, Brian 60, 82, 83, 84, 120, 

Covington, Jennifer 60, 87, 110 
Cowan, Nicole 82, 86, 110, 147 
Cox, Lauren 60, 87 
Cox, Scott 82 
Cozart, Stephanie 60 
Craft, Andrew 60, 121, 142 
Crangle, Robert 104, 121 
Crocker, Nancy 35 
Cromeens, Barton 142 
Crowder, Kim 60, 88 
Crowley, Weldon 35 
Cuevas, Jessica 60, 99 
Culver, LonAnne 60 
Cummings, Jarret 60, 94 

Cunningham, Cammie 88, 91 
Curlee, Keith 121 
Curtis, Monty 142 
Cutrer, Amy 60, 99, 106, 107 

Dameron, Michelle 60 

Damon, Chris 121 

Dapper, John 60, 84, 91, 95, 118 

Darrah, Rob 60, 87, 97, 99 

Darrow, Anya 60 

Davidson, Steven 29 

Davis, Chris 8 

Davis, Dana 113, 138, 139 

Davis, Kristen 60, 87, 89, 99 

Davis, Lauren 45, 50, 91, 99 

Davis, Linda 84 

Davis, Michael 118, 142 

Davis, Sean 60 

Davis, Vanessa 45, 60, 91, 111 

Davis, Winston 84 

Dawson, Jan 29, 35 

Dawson, Patrick 60 

Deanda, Stephen 115 

Deane, Michael 142 

Degnan, Cathy 60, 84, 85, 96, 107, 

Degollado, Bach-Yen 60 
deGuzman, Michael 60 
Delamere, Dara 91, 105, 107, 141 
Delaney, Jane 86 
Delaney, John 36, 86 
Delany, Shanna 113 
DeLaRosa, Nicholas 50, 83 
Delay, Laurie 82 
Delay, Missy 147 
Delnero, David 132 
Denison, Stacy 60, 107, 134 
Dennis, Jill 60, 99, 107 
Devine, Deanna 50, 92 
Dewitt, Harland 118, 119 
Diaz, Christina 60, 89, 98, 99 
Diaz, Jorge 51, 121 
Diaz, Lily 61 
Diaz, Monica 61, 99, 112 
Dickens, Derek 121 
Dickie, David 4, 115, 142 
Dinkel, Chris 141 
Dipprey, Trisha 61, 95 
Dixon, Doug 48, 61, 97 
Dizdar, Mike 121 
Doenges, John 118 
Doeren, Keith 117 
Dollar, Heath 61 
Donnelly, Stacie 61, 82, 83, 112 

Donovan, Tom 61 

Doran, Julie 61 

Dotts, Rebecca 84 

Doyle, James 121, 142 

Doyle, Jennifer 61, 98 

Dugan, Gary 121 

Dunkum, Madeline 61, 94, 109 

DuPont, Jessica 108 

Durbin, Jeff 61 

Durkin, Scott 84, 118 

Dush, Robin 61 

Eagle, John 7, 61, 120, 121 

Eagle, Justin 147 

Earles, Catherine 61, 105 

Easley, Jeff 114, 115, 142 

Easterly, Mark 61, 118 

Edges, Margaret 61, 99 

Ehlert, Janice 61, 99 

Elgin, Shannon 61 

Eliassen, Kate 61, 84, 87, 107, 142 

Elliott, Traci 61, 90, 134, 135 

Ellis, Kathy 61, 107 

Ellis, Michael 61 

Elmore, Justin 121 

Embry, Gerald 98, 132 

Escobar, Rosa 61, 99 

Espinosa, Michelle 61, 98 

Espinoza, Sarah 51, 84, 142 

Essary, Kim 4, 62, 87, 148 

Estep, Aimee 62, 107 

Estes, Jud 62 

Estrada, Sandra 62, 84, 97 

Etie, Emily 108, 109 

Fairchild, Karen 62 
Fariss, Jill 62, 84 
Feigenbaum, Heidi 90, 91 
Ferguson, Tracy 62 
Fernandez, Kelli 62, 100, 101 
Ferrey, Katherine 88, 99 
Fertitta, Julian 4, 115 
Field, Jeremy 121 
Fielder, Dan 48, 136 
Fillmore, Martha 99, 106, 107 
Finan, Candace 142 
Fink, Pete 132 
Finley, Diane 62 
Fisher, Cadie 109, 141 
Fisher, Deborah 62, 141 
Fisher, Joe 118 
Fisher, Moses 104, 116 

Index • 155 

Fitzgerald, Sullivan 62 
Fitzgerald, Van 118, 119 
Fitzgibbons, Paul 118 
Flader, Rebecca 62, 82, 87, 110, 

Flinn, Christy 86, 89, 91 
Flood, Stacey 142 
Flori, Lisa 51, 86 
Flynn, Christie 51 
Ford, David 62, 84, 101 
Ford, Jill 62, 88, 99 
Ford, Jo 98 
Ford, Pamela 62 
Forsberg, John 118, 142 
Francis, Jennifer 84, 93, 97 
Franklin, Jack 118 
Franks, Courtney 109 
Frausto, Jesus 15, 62 
Frontz, Mike 44, 62, 121 
Fuller, Cathy 16, 45, 62, 86, 89, 95, 

96, 101, 113 
Fuller, Mike 62, 120, 121, 122 

Gaines, David 36 

Gaines, Ginger 62, 115, 147 

Gallrein, Carol 108 

Gamel, Mary 81, 82 

Gant, Todd 118 

Garcia, Angelica 51 

Garcia, Carol 45, 46, 62, 99, 107, 

Garcia, Victor 121 
Gard, Leigh 62, 99, 107 
Gardner, Michael 62 
Garrett, Craig 84, 142 
Garza, Susan 107 
Gasser, Deborah 62, 93 
Gay, Faith 63 

Geary, Shannon 88, 99, 142 
Geistweidt, Jason 85 
George, Carrie 63 
Gerfers, Trey 116 
Giese, Ben 118 
Giese, Monroe 63, 118 
Giesecke, Leonard 16, 28 
Gil, Maria 107, 142 
Gilbert, GayeLynn 121, 151 
Gill, Shannon 51, 99, 107, 115 
Goldsmith, Kimberly 63, 97, 142 
Goldsmith, Leslie 63, 95 
Gonzalez, Caroline 63, 86, 97 
Gonzalez, Dinko 51, 95, 99 
Gonzalez, Elise 63, 107 
Goolsby, Alison 63, 112 

Gordon, Alicia 138 
Gorham, Ashley 142 
Goss, Lewis 63 
Goss, Taylor 99 
Gosselink, Pete 121 
Gott, Karen 92, 96, 108 
Gould, Florence 36, 94 
Goynes, Heather 63, 108 
Grafton, Mark 11, 94, 115, 142 
Graham, Ginny 63, 87, 111 
Graham, Sharon 51, 111 
Grant, Jim 96 
Gratke, Karen 63, 97, 99 
Gray, Brenda 63, 107 
Greathouse, Jeffery 63 
Green, Alison 51, 80 
Greenwood, Sarah 63 
Gregg, Clark 63, 115 
Greig, Julie 63, 109, 141 
Griggs, Ponda 134 
Griscom, Scott 63, 118 
Guadagnoli, Madeline 51, 99 
Guentzel, Cherry 51 
Guerriero, Layng 115 
Gunn, Gina 63, 99 
Gunther, Nina 63, 80, 113 
Gutman, Sherry 104, 105 
Guy, Ann 63, 134 
Gwinn, Jeni 45, 46, 51 


Haemisegger, Wynn 113 
Hageland, Nancy 92 
Hall, Brent 63, 115 
Ham, Dwayne 51, 121 
Hamilton, Alan 63, 119 
Hamilton, Katie 82, 109 
Hampton, Lance 142 
Hancock, Joe 115 
Hankins, Dahrl 63, 84 
Hansen, Dana 89, 113 
Hansen, Michael 118 
Hanson, Scott 116, 117 
Hardt, Sheryl 87 
Harper, Jennifer 109, 149 
Harris, Katie 138 
Harris, Liza 108, 149, 151 
Hart, Heather 64, 82 
Hart, Shannon 151 
Haskell, Halford 36 
Hatchett, Dorita 16, 18, 97, 151 
Hawkins, Rob 64 
Hay, Carter 64, 121 
Heath, Laura 97, 110 
Heavner, Matthew 88, 98 

Hebert, Tina 64, 93 
Hedgcock, Bohdy 118, 119 
Helburn, Wendy 64 
Heller, Jennifer 64, 142 
Helmcamp, Annette 151 
Helmers, Karen 64, 107 
Henderson, Janet 64, 134, 135 
Hendren, Cathy 64, 91, 94, 106, 

Henley, David 142 
Henrickson, Jennifer 64, 101 
Herlihy, Scott 116, 117 
Hermes, Wanda 51, 138, 139 
Herttenberger, Beth 64, 112 
Hewett, Georgianne 45, 46, 51, 

108, 121 
Hiebert, Susan 64, 87, 107 
Hilgeman, Fred 36 
Hilliard, Dan 36, 99 
Hobbs, Craig 64, 84 
Hogan, Matthew 64 
Holdren, Jennifer 51, 98 
Holland, Chris 118 
Holland, Elizabeth 45, 47, 64, 98, 

Holland, Meme 64, 87, 105, 111 
Hollis, Brian 82 

Holloman, Karen 10, 51, 99, 113 
Holloway, Kelli 64, 81, 108, 151 
Holmes, John 115 
Holmes, Mark 104, 114, 115 
Holt, Melissa 64 
Holt, Shelby 64, 108 
Honig, Heather 64, 108 
Horick, Bob 84 
Horton, Julie 64, 84 
Hotchkiss, Melanie 84 
Houston, David 115, 132 
Howell, Kristen 64, 97 
Hrdlicka, Karen 64, 89, 91 
Hritz, Jennifer 64, 98 
Hsiao, Michael 51, 84 
Hudson, Melissa 51, 99 
Huffmaster, Drusilla 85 
Hughes, Rachel 65 
Hume, Ted 118 
Humphreys, Mary 45, 51, 84, 86, 

87, 90, 91 
Hunt, Amanda 65 
Hunt, Brian 44, 47, 86, 89, 94, 95 
Hunt, James 37, 99 
Hurtado, Michael 52, 82, 84, 86 
Husmann, Laurie 65, 85, 87, 96 
Hutto, Laura 65 


156 • Index 

Ibanez, Annabelle 99 
Iezzi, Jeffrey 88 

Jackson, Paula 65, 84, 92 
Jacob, Lisa 65 
Jacobson, Julie 15, 65 
Jameson, Jaysn 45, 96, 121 
Jameson, Kenda 65, 96, 100, 101, 

112, 113 
Jaramillo, Magdeline 52, 86 
Jarrell, Kelly 151 
Jensen, Eric 90, 95, 121 
John, Angela 65, 107 
Johnson, Andrea 65 
Johnson, Carrie 88 
Johnson, Erica 65 
Johnson, Kristi 65, 134 
Johnson, Matt 151 
Johnston, Lisa 45, 52 
Jones, Carolyn 65, 84 
Jones, Jill 65, 94, 106, 107 
Jones, Lori 65, 138, 147 
Wones, Matt 116 
Jones, William 21, 37 
jJordan, Jana 113 
Jordan, Lori 65, 112 
Joynes, Robin 45, 65 
(Judkins, Claire 65, 98 
Juhl, Kathleen 28, 37 


Kalisky, Kevin 65, 136 
Karsetter, Marissa 52, 98, 99 
Kasemsuk, Rangsee 84 
Kasper, Staci 65, 84, 107 
Kearley, Barbara 65, 110 
Kearney, Allison 65, 86, 107 
Keilman, Gay 65 
Kelsey, William 115 
Kemper, Martha 107 
Kendall, Rebecca 113 
Kendell, Sandy 65, 84, 87, 110 
Kennedy, Kristin 113, 150 
Kent, Nancy 66, 93, 99 
Kettle, Christine 66, 107, 150 
Kim, Hojun 116 
Kimball, Laura 52, 92, 111 
King, Joey 93 
King, Mitch 84, 117 
King, Penn 104, 115, 142 
King, Tony 115, 142 
Kinslow, Whitney 66 
Kissinger, Heather 92 

Kling, Lorie 96, 99 
Knox, Billy 141 
Koenig, Kristy 113 
Kolber, Mark 66, 84 
Komorowski, Shelia 45, 104, 105 
Kotarski, John 66 
Kretzschmar, Gary 66 
Kretzschmar, Shaun 52 
Krueger, Connie 52 
Kruger, Maria 89, 113 
Kryszewski, Brian 121 
Kryszewski, Jeff 66, 121 
Kubik, Darien 66, 83, 112 
Kullak, Monica 151 
Kulvicki, Alayne 66, 84, 109 
Kwan, Melissa 66 

Lacy, Paul 118 

Ladd, Chris 66 

Lade, Maria 48, 66, 108, 121 

Lane, Gator 66 

Lansford, Edwin 37 

Laredo, Saul 52 

Larson, Erik 91, 94 

Laster, Dayna 66 

Laughran, Patricia 67 

Lawson, Kyla 66, 112, 113, 141 

Ledet, Marc 102, 114 

Lee, Denise 66, 106, 107 

Lee, Melinda 52, 82 

Lee, Sean 66 

Lei vis, Kristy 111 

Leonard, Christine 146, 151 

Leonard, Felicia 66, 113, 115 

Leonard, Julie 113 

Leonard, Pat 136 

Leseur, Karyn 142 

Lesko, Stephanie 66 

Letts, Monica 66, 91, 98, 99 

Liedecke, Lee 42, 121, 151 

Lieke, Brian 84 

Light, Dorothy 66 

Lightsey, Louis 37 

Lim, Audrey 66, 99 

Limroth, John 66 

Linhart, Bobby 66, 82, 83, 84, 121 

Linton, Jennifer 89 

Littleton, Nancey 91, 112, 113 

Lively, Clinton 67 

Lock, Ellen 67 

Loden, Stephen 14, 78, 84 

Lohec, Pam 67, 112, 113 

Long, Hal 118 

Long, Kim 67, 112, 138, 139 

Lorenz, Pat 119 
Lott, Jennifer 67, 112 
Loughran, Patricia 89, 97 
Love, David 95 
Lowry, Madison 67, 84 
Lucas, Natalie 52 
Ludwig, Laura 67, 107 
Luna, Gus 67, 142 
Lunsford, Angela 91 
Lutz, John 115, 142 
Lynch, Stacey 52, 98 


Macaluso, Tom 67, 86 
Machell, Martha 111 
Magnuson, Josh 115 
Mahaffey, Tom 67, 88 
Mahar, Debbie 151 
Maldonado, Margie 142 
Maldonado, Monica 138 
Malek, Brigid 67 
Manar, Fred 104, 115 
Manning, Erin 67, 84, 107 
Manton, Caroline 67 
Mantz, Todd 136, 140 
Marsh, Leslie 151 
Martin, Kristen 67, 82, 110 
Martin, Patrick 84, 97 
Martin, Theresa 67 
Maschal, Debbie 108, 149, 151 
Masferrer, Alina 67, 91 
Mason, Eric 120, 121 
Mathre, Erica 67 
Matthew, Scott 132 
Maurer, Christopher 67, 84, 141 
Maurer, Melissa 67, 84, 92 
Maurer, Stefanie 10, 67, 99, 108 
May, Chip 67, 102, 115 
Mayerhoff, Rodney 84, 121 
Mayhew, Matt 118 
Mayo, Thomas 67, 118 
McAdams, Claire 99 
McCann, Kristi 109 
McCarty, Nathan 80, 116 
McClendon, Marvin 37 
McClish, Glen 28, 38 
McClung, Brett 52, 118 
McConathy, Erik 67, 87, 93 
McCormick, Jon 104 
McCorpin, Nancy 15, 68 
McCreary, Lynne 68, 82, 86, 112 
McDowell, Katie 108, 109 
McElreath, Julia 146, 151 
McGonigle, Tim 118 
McGowen, Kris 88, 99 

Index • 15" 


McGrath, Michael 115 

Mclntyre, Mike 136 

McKay, Alison 68, 87, 142 

McKay, Steve 68, 118, 142 

McKee, Molly 90, 113 

McKinney, Craig 151 

McKinney, Kevin 12, 68, 116 

McMahon, Kevin 102, 115 

McNelly, Lara 109, 152 

McNinch, Scott 68, 117, 142 

McQuillin, Diana 107 

McWhirter, Jason 4, 68 

Meadows, Elizabeth 52 

Meadows, Sharon 85 

Mendenhall, Stephen 68, 84, 121 

Merritt, Lee 45, 95 

Metschan, Brent 115, 149 

Meyer, Karen 68, 91, 92 

Meza, Mark 88, 89, 115 

Mielly, Michelle 52 

Milam, Alexis 68, 84, 89 

Miller, Andy 68, 101, 119 

Miller, Heather 68, 88, 147 

Miller, Jill 68 

Miller, Marsha 68, 98 

Miller, Melissa 82 

Min, Steve 52, 95 

Minshew, Jerri 68 

Mishler, Dan 136 

Mitchell, Michelle 68, 112 

Mitchell, Ricky 142, 143 

Mojica, Emmelina 68 

Molnar, Stephanie 68 

Monell, Mary 68 

Monkus, Liz 68 

Moore, Cassandra 68, 84, 89, 98 

Moore, David 142 

Moore, Maria 68, 95, 106, 107, 140, 

141, 150 
Moran, Mike 68, 121 
Morgan, Gavin 68, 97, 99 
Morin, Robbie 136 
Morris, Cheryl 107 
Morris, Chris 121 
Morris, Jane 69, 101, 106, 107 
Morris, Sharyl 69 
Morrison, Jennifer 100, 112, 113 
Morrison, Maria 69 
Morrison, Reid 118 
Moses, Anne 52, 108 
Moses, Chana 69, 112 
Moss, Mallie 52, 92 
Mott, Sheralyn 69, 134 
Mueller, Elisabeth 69, 99 
Mullins, Renee 12, 138 
Mundhenk, Craig 69, 142 

Muniz, Tommy 115, 141 
Munt, Glada 138 
Murff, Stephanie 69, 113 
Murphy, Paula 69, 150 
Murray, Michelle 69, 101, 112 


Nabors, Angel 69 
Namikawa, Mizu 69 
Nartz, Matthew 69, 117 
Nations, Laura 108 
Navickas, Maryanne 69, 84, 85 
Neal, Lana 69, 84 
Nelson, George 38 
Nemeth, Dora 69, 112 
Neppl, Michelle 92 
Nesby, June 148 
Nettles, Nancy 84 
Neville, Gwen 99 
Nevils, Yvonne 52 
Newell, David 44, 104 
Nguyen, Huong-Trinh 69 
Nguyen, Tuan 69, 121 
Nguyen, Viet 69, 86 
Nieto, Roy 136 
Nobles, Tivy 69, 92 
Norbraten, Brett 69, 94 
Normand, Gay 69, 89, 106, 107 
Novak, Kim 107 

Nunnelley, Shannon 105, 108, 109, 

O'Brien, William 38, 95 
O'Kuma, Julie 69 
O'Neill, Timothy 14 
O'Sullivan, Kenneth 48 
Oandasan, Aileen 45, 95 
Odom, Danielle 107 
Offutt, Cynthia 69 
Olsta, Kris 70, 113 
Oren, Neda 89, 99 
Ortiz, Yvonne 94 
Otillar, Steve 9, 70, 142 
Ott, Laurie 70, 113 
Ozley, Andy 142 

Paakkonen, Scott 52 
Painter, Tim 115 
Palms, Susan 53, 107, 142 
Panus, Stephanie 113 
Paredes, Xochitl 70, 88 

Parker, Nancy 53, 91, 108, 109 
Pasley, Jamie 70 
Patterson, Eric 70, 95 
Patterson, Neil 45, 46, 47, 70, 91, 

Patton, Barry 70, 93, 116 
Patton, John 70, 115, 141, 148 
Paynes, Ursule 53 
Paysse, Samara 70, 88, 93, 105, 

Peak, David 140 
Peak, Doug 132 
Peak, Paul 132 
Peck, Michael 70, 136 
Peffer, Nicole 70, 108, 109 
Perkins, Beth 70, 142 
Perz, Alyssa 70, 86, 109 
Perz, Steve 151 
Peterson, Russell 53, 90, 121 
Peterson, Sonja 13, 53, 97 
Pfeiffer, Maria 44, 53, 91 
Phillips, Elaine 38 
Phillips, Laura 70, 99, 107 
Phillips, Robert 14, 70, 84, 121 
Pickard, Chris 19 
Pierce, Chip 44, 53, 86, 90, 91 
Pinson, Angela 70 
Piotrowski, William 70, 115 
Pittman, Beth 70, 92 
Piatt, Christi 70, 84, 107 
Poarch, Kelly 53, 134 
Pollei, Jonathan 70, 82, 83 
Portmann, Patrick 53, 90, 92, 121 
Potter, Walter 93 
Pouttu, Matt 70, 140 
Powell, Brandi 92 
Prasifka, Matthew 70, 86 
Preis, Ann 70, 113 
Preiss, Renee 71, 84, 96, 107, 115, 

Price, Paul 71 

Primavera, Pat 53, 92, 136, 137 
Prince, Penny 71, 132, 142 
Prince, Steve 53, 121 
Pupo, Eddie 121 
Purdy, Jess 90 

Quadrini, Karen 108, 149, 151 
Quarles, Brandon 53, 118 
Quintana, Sean 48, 136 

Ramirez, Joe 147 

158 • Index 

Ramser, Charles 71 

Ramsey, Suzanne 71, 112 

Rathburn, Debbie 53, 106, 107 

Ratliff, Kim 71, 113, 138, 139 

Rattila, Tiina 53 

Rawji, Gulnar 38, 95 

Reaves, Juan 71, 86 

Redland, Becky 71 

Redland, Rebecca 99 

Reeh, Jean 71, 113 

Reese, Shelley 72, 111 

Reeves, Drue 71, 136 

Reeves, Jamie 71, 118, 119, 142 

Reid, Kristal 83, 85 

Reif, Amy 53, 108, 109, 114, 115 

Reilly, Alexander 115 

Reilly, Margaret 71, 108, 109, 151 

Reinehr, Robert 90 

Revis, Mark 121 

Rex, David 53, 96, 121 

Rhynes, Cheles 82, 98 

Richardson, Heather 112 

Richbourg, Tracy 45, 112 

Richter, Gary 38, 84 

Riley, Quentin 136 

Riquelme, Sonia 86, 91 

Ritter, Eric 142 

Rivera, Catherine 71, 138, 139 

Roark, Allen 118, 119 

Roberts, Burton 71 

Roberts, David 71 

Roberts, Sherrin 71 

Robinson, David 44, 71, 142 

Robison, Leanne 98 

Rodriguez, Eddie 71, 99, 121 

Rodriguez, James 71, 88, 89, 97, 99 

Roeder, Robert 39 

Rogers, Melinda 113 

Rogers, Vernonica 71, 97, 98 

Romero, Sandra 71, 99 

Rork, Patrick 10, 71, 115 

Rose, Barbie 91, 107 

Rosenthal, Michael 20 

Rosner, Greg 71, 119, 147 

Ross, Phedra 84, 86, 147 

Rowell, Travis 53, 93 

Ruby, Jana 107 

Runkles, D'Lane 151 

Runyen, Laura 71, 91, 95 

Rushing, Carol 107 

Russell, Josh 116, 141 

Saenz, Humberto 47, 72, 84 
Safos, Anthe 53, 109, 115 

Salerno, Allen 72, 93, 99 

Salinas, Frank 99 

Sanchez, Eddy 136 

Sanchez, Joey 72, 89 

Sanders, Catherine 72, 98 

Sandifer, Rachael 4, 72, 87, 111 

Sandstrum, Cara 72 

Sanford, Rod 82, 83 

Sanstrom, Cara 85 

Santry, John 115, 142 

Sarikhanian, Sossy 72, 91 

Schepens, Greg 72, 117 

Schiffner, Chad 9, 12, 90, 118, 119 

Schmidt, Amy 90, 105 

Schneider, Deanna 53, 121* 

Schraft, Robin 39 

Schroeder, Raymond 28, 39 

Schulze, Karen 72 

Schwall, Christy 72, 134, 135 

Schwartz, Michael 53, 121 

Schwegler, Eric 93 

Score, John 39 

Scott, Constance 138 

Seaks, Brent 118 

Sellers, Fred 39 

Shackelford, Alan 142 

Shafer, Tony 142 

Shamp, Leigh 54, 111 

Shanahan, Terri 72 

Sharkey, Helen 72 

Sharma, Nisa 45 

Sharp, Steve 72 

Sharpe, Jutta 99 

Shed, Darrell 84 

Shelton, Therese 39 

Shelton, Tracie 72, 83, 89, 98 

Sheltrown, Krystn 54, 106, 107, 

Sheppard, Kenneth 40 
Shilling, Roy 17, 18 
Shockley, Bryan 115 
Shockley, Carey 109, 152 
Short, Ellen 54, 97, 99 
Shull, Katie 72, 99, 108, 109 
Sigler, Kelly 72, 108, 109 
Sikes, William 40 
Sills, Barrett 84 

Silva, Rosemary 72, 88, 94, 98, 99 
Sim, Jeremy 72, 87, 99 
Simecek, Ashlie 113 
Simmons, Jason 72 
Simons, Kayla 72, 97 
Sims, Shannon 78, 80, 114, 115 
Sims, Stacey 84, 96 
Skelley, Spencer 72, 121 
Smaljey, Michael 72 

Smith, Audrey 142 

Smith, Cynthia 73, 99, 110, 111 

Smith, James 84, 87 

Smith, Kevin 73 

Smith, Lamar 118, 141 

Smith, Lisa 13, 45, 73, 94, 108 

Smith, Melissa 73, 97 

Smith, Meredith 107, 129 

Smith, Scott 73, 119, 136 

Smith, Steven 80 

Smith, Terry 73 

Smith, Timothy 73, 116 

Smith, William 40 

Smithson, Terry 121 

Snell, Farley 40 

Snell, Lewis 14, 73, 121 

Snider, Julie 73, 101 

So, Susan 40 

Soderholtz, Margaret 73, 110, 111 

Sommer, LeeAnn 73, 84 

Sorajja, Paul 84, 99, 121 

Sorensen, Christina 85 

Soulen, Robert 40, 95 

Sparks, Angela 73, 84, 99 

Spellman, Norman 41 

Spencer, Jeff 136 

Stahl, Suzanne 45, 47, 96 

Stanfield, Virginia 54 

Steed, Jason 73, 140 

Steinhoff, Maria 86, 97 

Stephens, Kate 73, 108, 149 

Stephens, Todd 73, 118 

Stephenson, Kelley 151 

Sterling, Lynnette 151 

Stewart, Ellen 73 

Stice, Sheri 45, 73 

Stokes, Susan 134 

Stone, Henry 96, 115, 142 

Stone, Michael 92 

Straface, Angela 54, 107 

Strawn, Hobey 136 

Streater, Amy 113 

Streitman, David 84 

Streitman, Scott 44 

Streza, Wendy 73, 82, 111 

Strickland, Craig 84 

Strickland, Joseph 12, 88, 93, 117 

Stutes, Ann 84 

Styrsky, John 116 

Sullivan, Michael 73, 82, 83, 90, 

Sullivan, Steve 136 
Sumpter, Kristin 73, 107 
Suttle, David 142 
Swafford, Stephanie 73, 84, 89, 


Index • 159 

Swartz, Eric 54, 93 
Swartz, Sally 81 
Sweet, Daniel 87 
Swift, Luke 73, 121, 142 

Tackett, Lori 73 

Takenaka, Kana 73, 99 

Talk, Andrew 74 

Talus, Carolyn 74 

Tangum, Robyn 108, 109, 115 

Tankersley, Amy 108 

Tarkington, Molly 74, 84, 85, 90 

Tatum, Paul 74 

Taylor, Shannon 121 

Tenley, Kelly 54, 91, 93, 96, 121 

Thoeni, Willy 116, 117 

Thomas, Deedee 74, 82, 98, 99 

Thomas, Scott 74 

Thomason, Bryan 142 

Thompson, Andrew 115, 150 

Thompson, Joan 108, 109, 115 

Thompson, Karmen 74, 108 

Thompson, Mark 115 

Thorp, Tasha 74 

Thurmond, Robert 54 

Tiff, Anita 74, 84, 93 

Timm, Amanda 97, 152 

Timm, Eric 74, 88, 94, 97, 98, 121 

Tippit, Ursula 98 

Todd, Donald 84 

Tongberg, Karen 54, 92, 105, 111 

Torres, Melissa 74, 107 

Towle, Robert 74 

Traeger, Paul 8, 74, 79, 119, 136, 

Traisnel, Jacquelyn 54, 92 
Tran, Hang 74 
Tran, Huyen 74 
Tran, Loan 74, 89, 95 
Traver, Tracy 115 
Trevino, Lolita 74, 99 
Trimble, Tamra 54, 90, 91 
Trompler, Curtis 84 
Turner, Laura 112, 113, 115 


Unite, Sel 84, 86, 96, 121 
Upthegrove, Paul 19 
Urquidi, Laura 74, 99, 113, 147 
Utz, LauraLee 75 

Va, Mariano 75, 99 
VanBeek, Philip 75 
Vanderwind, Vicki 10, 54, 113 
VanWinkle, Cass 75, 106, 107 
Vanwyngarden, Amy 151 
Varner, Victoria 41 
Vaughan, Valerie 55 
Veloz, Jose 55 
Venhaus, James 83 
Vera, Dan 121 
Verrett, Julie 106, 107 
Villa, Vicente 41 
Villanueva, Claudia 75, 99 
Villarreal, Christi 75, 88, 89, 98 
Villemain, Arthur 55, 84 
Visser, MaryAnn 41 
Volkar, Debbie 55, 97 


Wackman, Trey 116, 142 
Wade, Ric 42, 118 
Wagner, Dana 75, 107 
Wagner, Dennis 136 
Walker, Andrew 116, 142 
Wallace, John 75, 93, 117 
Wang, Michael 75 
Ward, Charles 132 
Ward, Jeaninne 55 
Warren, Glenda 41 
Warren, Wes 132 
Washington, Gregory 19, 41 
Waterman, Kristy 151 
Watkins, Dan 115 
Watson, Gena 48, 108, 121 
Weaver, Mindi 75, 87, 98 
Weeden, Joe 121 
Weiland, Cari 134 
Weinburgh, Robin 75 
Weisskopf, Mike 121 
Welborn, Deanna 84 
Welch, Duana 75, 84, 88, 90, 91, 

Wertzberger, Janelle 151 
Weselman, Brad 75, 84, 85, 90, 96, 

Weselman, Michelle 75, 84 
West, Julie 92 

West, Troy 75, 89, 92, 115, 136 
Westcott, Lance 121 
Wheelis, Matthew 75 
Whidbee, Jay 119 
Whidbee, Kelly 75, 107 
White, Chris 118 
White, Lorri 76 

White, Robert 115, 142 
White, Shauna 76, 98 
Whitehurst, John 121, 151 
Whitley, Lara 76 
Widner, Joe 121 
Widney, Cole 116, 117, 142 
Wilbur, Julie 93 
Williams, Beth 151 
Williams, Chris 76, 116 
Williams, Laura 76 
Williams, Richard 115 
Williams, Troy 115 
Williams, Wade 136 
Willis, Kent 55 
Willoughby, Heather 76 
Wilson, Dorothy 91, 107 
Wilson, Joe 12, 116 
Wilson, Laura 76, 88 
Wilson, Rebecca 138 
Wiltse, Shawn 42, 44, 118, 142 
Wingfield, Sabrina 82, 83 
Withrow, Damon 76 
Wolf, Jason 14, 76 
Wolfe, Michael 77, 142 
Wolff, Xenia 77, 81, 82 
Wolfle, Bill 118, 119, 142 
Wong, Esther 55, 93, 99 
Wood, Dylan 116, 117 
Woodhull, Cheri 77 
Woods, Kristy 82, 83 
Woods, Scott 48, 77 

Yarbrough, Joyce 88, 98 
Yarbrough, Sarah 77, 101 
Yeoman, Caroline 55, 87, 111 
Youn, Eric 142 
Young, Renee 15, 77, 100, 101 

Zamecki, Janet 77, 96 
Zavala, Elizabeth 77 
Zoerner, Aaron 132, 133 
Zorrilla, Miguel 78, 96 
Zorrilla, Monica 108, 109 
Zych, Katherine 101 

160 • Index 

jjoqb ■_pOOpOO 

■ H I II II I ■ ■